Tuesday, August 1st

Cane screwed me over? How? What does the LA camera guy have to do with this? Questions fall out of Lily’s mouth. Billy and Vikki tattle that Cane paid Jesse to delete footage to make Billy look bad (and in turn, tanked your commercial) Please tell me this isn’t true, Lily pleads through tears. Cane can no longer deny and lie.

Sharing dessert at CL’s, Mattie wonders why Reed’s not hanging out with his groupies. Girls like Zoey are your type, not me. Reed lost interest in her fast. His type is super smart, reads for fun, prefers the sidelines over the spotlight and doesn’t know how beautiful she is. Charlie arrives to interrupt – good, found you.

Billy’s sorry but here’s the proof (the flashcard from Jesse’s camera) Cane looks as devastated as Lily.

Phyllis pitches hard to Lauren; Chelsea can design exclusively for Fenmore’s. Whoa – Lauren slows her down.

On the patio, Scott praises the way Sharon handled Crystal. Yes, but she still ran off, Sharon feels responsible because she promised to protect the girl. And that’s why she’s turned to Paul, demanding he help her find Crystal – tonight.

On the rooftop yet again, Zack entertains Abby with the tale of a horrendous date he once went on. And now he has a question – about her family.

Lauren needs to be cautious after almost losing Fenmore’s. We dodged a bullet by not signing with Benjamin Hawkman (who’s buying and knocking down stores to build apartments) Phyllis relays that BnS is indeed in trouble and Vikki doesn’t mind using that to spend time with Billy.

Taking the flashdrive back, Vikki’s sorry to hurt Lily but keeping Cane’s secret seemed worse. He paid Jesse to delete the footage, then paid another 25K yesterday, Billy adds. Please leave my house, Cane opens the door. Vikki and Billy apologize again, offer Lily support then leave her to wail at Cane – I don’t know who you are anymore. Wahhhhhh.

Ending his call to the station, Paul updates Sharon and Scott that he’s put out a search for Crystal that will include checking local security cameras. She might call Sharon’s cell. Sharon hopes so – it’s horrible that Crystal is one of many girls forced into a sex ring. She really wants to make a difference. You are, Scott assures – and he wants to help too.

Billy and Vikki are at the club with a bottle of bubbly on ice as they worry about Lily. It’s good she knows the truth but sad her family’s falling apart. Parting ways with Lauren at the entrance, Phyllis is NOT happy to see Billy and Vikki clinking champagne flutes.