Monday, September 18th

Sleep well? At the cabin, Jack serves Nikki tea and a good morning kiss as she stands to admire the scenic view. Oh, and there’s mention of Victor, as usual.

Ashley accosts Victor as he comes in the club’s revolving door. Mentioning how much Abby enjoys living at the ranch, she segues into talk about Graham Bloodworth. Victor’s told he was right that he’s after Dina’s money.

In bed, Dina has dreams of the past. She’ll kill Brent if he ever reveals their secret. Don’t ever try to see Ashley again! I’ll kill you, she’d warned as she pulled out a gun. Graham! Graham! a terrified Dina awakens to call out.

What’s left of the Ashby family snap at one another over breakfast Lily insists they share together. Surprising Charlie with the news that she’s grounded, Mattie quips that Dad’s not the only one who can mess up around here.

Charlie needs a ‘spoiler’ – what’s up? He can’t believe that his sister cut class – to be with Reed. Snarling that Dad’s a detective, Mattie leaves Charlie to ask his Mom what Dad’s done now.

Ashley tells Victor that Graham’s Mother isn’t dead after all – he honed in on her and claimed to be an orphan. Once Dina hears this, surely she’ll give her companion the boot.

I’ve made a terrible, terrible mistake. Dina (clad in a robe) wishes she hadn’t told Graham about Ashley not being John’s – you can never tell a living soul. If you do, what we have together will end – you will be dead to me, she warns.

Lily would rather talk about Charlie than what happened with Dad and Mattie. Charlie likes cross country OK but wishes he made the football team. And don’t be too hard on Mattie. His opinion of Reed? Charlie doesn’t think he’s good enough for his pretty, funny, smart sister. But – Mattie is a good judge of character, he admits. The kids then head off to school.

Over coffee in Dina’s suite, Graham insists he’ll keep her promise. Dina can’t get over how much Ashley paid for her mistake. Graham tries to convince her to go home to Paris – Ashley won’t forgive you. Dina refuses and doesn’t need instruction on her own daughter. Dropping the subject, Dina tells Graham that Jack’s with Nikki (who’s still married to Victor) She’s frustrated that her kids are repeating her mistakes. On cue, Ashley comes knocking.

You came to the right room this time, Graham needles Ashley then lets her in for a scolding from her Mother for lying about why she was in Graham’s room. After Graham’s dismissed, Dina wonders when Ashley will give up persecuting Graham. After last night – never, Ashley replies.

Nikki goes to dress – she has appointments to get to today; Not a lawyer (to make her separation permanent as Jack hoped) She’s off to the gym. No need for Jack to apologize for Abby’s intrusion. Nikki’s fine with the slow pace she and Jack have set for themselves ~kiss~