Tuesday, September 19th

At Underground, Nick in a good mood and has come to terms with Victor helping them secure the liquor license in Ann Arbor. We don’t owe anyone anything, including your grandfather, he tells Noah. Nick’s just excited about the new club.

Victor’s at the ranch on his phone – get here as soon as possible. As Kevin saunters onto the CL’s patio, Victor hangs up on him. Hello to you too, Mike’s surprised, nay stunned, to see his little brother.

At the penthouse, Jordan rants about Devon blasting him over both Lily and Hilary. OK – I kissed Lily, he admits when pressed by Chelsea.

Bumping into Hilary at the club, Cane shares big (and good) news; he and Lily are going to see a marriage counselor – today.

At CL’s, Lily turns to find herself staring at Juliet and the small baby bump she’s holding in place.

Couples therapy? That’s huge, Hilary’s encouraged – Cane’s strategy is working. He knows her agenda is Jordan.

Back at the coffee house, Juliet was pleased to hear that Lily’s back to work on the Dare campaign. Realizing Cane told her, Lily was also pleased to hear that the baby’s test results brought good news. Credited with Cane taking responsibility, Lily wishes Juliet the best and quickly exits.

Stocking the bar, Nick and Noah are excited to be hitting the road tomorrow to check out the Ann Arbor location. Noah updates that producer Herb West is coming to watch Tessa perform tonight. Nick’s impressed with the big score and can see he (Noah) is Tessa’s biggest fan.

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Mike hopes that call was Kevin leaving him a message letting him know that he’s in town. Kevin lies – that was his next call (and implies he was talking to Ester re: Bella) She loves her preschool in Oregon. Of course Mike can visit once they’re settled. See you soon, Mike leaves suspicious as he watches Kevin check his phone.

Cane joins Lily in the therapist’s office; we’re lucky she had a cancellation. The therapist comes in to greet them both – take a seat and we’ll dive right in. Yes, we’re both eager to save the marriage, Cane speaks for both while Lily squirms (then is asked for her honest answer)

Chelsea tells Jordan that Lily’s going through a lot; she may not see the kiss as ‘innocent’. She and Cane share history, kids – that doesn’t just get cut off. Like your love for Adam, Jordan’s immediately sorry he made the comparison. That’s OK, Chelsea lives with her loss every day.

Noah’s not having second thoughts about Tessa; it’s more self-awareness that he’s steering clear of women in need of rescue. Tessa didn’t want to tell him about Crystal. Nick wishes he knew she was Tessa’s sister when he found her. Noah’s just glad his Dad is so caring and such a good role model.

Kevin owes Victor so much – he didn’t hesitate in coming to help Victor. Chloe? She’s great; a clean slate and watching Bella thrive has been a miracle cure. Victor knows a solid family can heal – Nick’s turned my family against me, he whines.