Thursday, September 21st

Now dressed after their *ahem* workout, Billy and Phyllis rejoin one another in the gym. He appreciates the distraction – with everything going on with Jack and work, Phyllis makes Billy feel sane again. Let’s go upstairs and grab a bit to eat.

Over dinner, Jack pitches his idea to Hilary – each day of the week, she’s to showcase a different Parker Beauty product. Not so fast – Hilary already has commercials on her show – she wants a scoop. How far is Jack willing to go to beat BnS – are there limits?

Watching Hilary and Jack – and suspecting they’re colluding against BnS, Billy’s about to head over when Phyllis stops him.

Juliet hopes she wasn’t out of line – she thought a kiss is what the ‘down’ Cane needed. Yes, it was, he agrees quietly.

As Noah introduces Tessa to the stage, Scott leaves Sharon to get a closer look at the woman with Herv. And as Tessa sings, Scott flashes back to meeting Natalia in the motel room.

Cane’s doing better now, sooooo …. I better take off, Juliet takes the hint. Kevin barges in for an awkward introduction. Now alone with Cane, he wonders where Lily is and who that woman was. Ester comes down to say that Bella’s sleeping – she didn’t mention Cane because she clearly doesn’t want him there.

Look at them – Jack’s filling Hilary’s head with a bunch of lies, Billy’s sure. How do we handle this? Another work out or a romantic meal and make love until we pass out, Phyllis suggests – then is pleased when Billy takes Option B and leads her out.

Jack would be a fool to let a reporter in on his strategy. But I’m part of your strategy, Hilary weakly objects – but is OK leaving without her scoop. After Hilary leaves, Vikki happens by and is invited to join Jack. We’re friendly competitors, he reminds.

Herv and Natalia enjoy Tessa’s performance – as Scott watches. All applauding, he updates Sharon that Herv’s date is a hooker he met – she knows Crystal.

Tessa’s praised by Noah, Devon and Mariah. Herv hauls Natalia along to express his interest – he wants to send Tessa on tour to open for some established artists. This is nuts, Tessa hugs him. Careful, you’ll make my girlfriend jealous, Herv squirms. After Natalie goes to the ladies room, Sharon follows – Scott will send Tessa in.

Kevin’s stunned to hear that Cane’s having another son. Congrats? He won’t judge – but Lily did give you a lot of chances. But she also forgave a lot. Yes, but Cane fears Juliet’s baby will be a constant reminder of why she shouldn’t this time.