Friday, September 22nd

As much as Nikki’s enjoying her breakfast at the club, she enjoyed the one Jack made at the cabin even more. There’s something magical about that place – I can finally be myself, she gushes. No, she hasn’t (and won’t) tell Victor.

In Dina’s suite, Graham leads her into expressing disapproval over Jack’s relationship with Nikki (and how Victor might retaliate) That’s why he took matters into his own hands. How? Dina asks wide-eyed.

Over his morning coffee, newspaper and mail, Victor’s about to open a mysterious envelope when Abby barges in to exclaim that this is shaping up to be a day from hell.

When Lauren joins her for breakfast, Phyllis points out Nikki and Jack (whose heart will be broken when she goes back to Victor) Lauren knows it’s not Jack’s relationship that concerns Phyllis – she’s insecure in hers with Billy.

Having brought a flashdrive to BnS with some files he downloaded off Phyllis’ computer, Billy declares it a game-changer. I could kiss you, Vikki blurts out – hoping he was careful. I was – we’re golden, Billy’s confident.

Ashley drops a bomb in Ravi’s office – Graham’s Mom is from GC; he must have spent time here too. Go online and find out whatever you can about his childhood; scholastic achievements, birth certificate etc. Getting a call, Ravi clearly has more pressing matters. When? You’re absolutely sure? Hanging up, he tells Ashley – we have a problem.

The security software Ravi’s installed has detected an unauthorized download of R&D files that only Ashley and Jack should have access to.

Down at BnS, Billy can live with Jack hating him but won’t let him come after Vikki. She appreciates him committing corporate espionage to protect her but won’t let him risk being convicted. Plugging the flashdrive in, Billy and Vikki are eager to see what’s on it.

Still at the club. No, Nikki’s not afraid of Victor’s reaction to their relationship. She initially relished flaunting their first sleepover in his face but decided it was wrong to use Jack like that. Jack’s fine with being used to anger Victor – I should send him a thank-you fruit basket. No, that kind of behaviour is what Nikki’s trying to escape. She doesn’t want anything to diminish what she and Jack share.

Upstairs, in Dina’s suite, Graham announces that he sent Victor photos of Jack and Nikki at the cabin. You told me to ‘do something’, he reminds. It’s best Victor find out from us now than on the Hilary Hour later. If Victor contacts her, Dina’s to say that she thought he had a right to know.

Abby’s brought a case of breach of contract to Victor. One call from our legal department should resolve this acquisition problem, he reassures. Curious about the envelope Dina sent him, Victor opens it – and with a sigh shows Abby the photos inside.

Abby can’t believe this – when I walked in on …. You knew? Victor looks depressed as Abby stammers that she begged Nikki not to hurt him. Victor doesn’t give a damn that she and Jack are trying to get under his skin. Dina must have felt he deserved to know. When Victor again claims not to care, Abby thinks he does.