Friday, September 29th

Overjoyed to have her man home, Chelsea welcomes Nick with questions about how his trip went – and how much did you miss me? She’s unimpressed with the beer mug he’s brought her back until she’s prodded to look inside it.

Kevin’s in Victor’s office to defend his lack of success; it isn’t that easy – Nick’s finances have been diversified. Victor wants results sooner rather than later. Kevin grabs his bag and hides when Noah drops by.

Mariah and Tessa are now alone in the stables. Alice supposedly going to bring Crystal home. Cassie’s ghost will protect her – and you too, Mariah assures her friend.

Alice awakens on Sharon’s sofa to hear she slept all day. You’re not going anywhere except to get Crystal, Sharon growls. Who’s going to stop me? Sharon will judging by the determined look on her face.

Cane lets himself into the house – he wasn’t sure if he was to ring the doorbell or use his keys. It wasn’t specified in the divorce papers, he takes a dig at Lily.

Hiding in Victor’s office, Kevin listens as Noah reports that his (and Nick’s) trip was good. He really appreciates his Grandpa’s support. Victor won’t help again – he doesn’t want to antagonize Nick (who doesn’t appreciate the help anyway)

Putting a necklace around Chelsea’s neck, Nick gushes about them being a family forever – he wants to spend the rest of his life with Chelsea and Connor ~kiss~

Call me now, Zack leaves a message for Alice – as Abby joins him at the club’s bar to discuss business. We have a big problem with the app, she announces.

Back in the stable, Mariah assures Tessa that she’ll never let her down. You’re like family to me, Tessa says again. You’re not my family – oops, Mariah didn’t mean for it to come out like that – you’re so much more to me. Not knowing how she can ever repay Mariah, Tessa runs out (Mariah left calling out her name)

Threatening to call the police, Sharon gets Alice to call Leon – and put Crystal on (speakerphone) Alice vows to always keep her safe. When Sharon writes something down and holds up in front of her face, Alice balks – are you kidding me!?

Alice can’t give that address to Leon – the location makes no sense at all. When Tessa and Mariah burst in, Sharon assures them that Crystal’s Ok and the meeting has been set up. Who ARE you? Alice doesn’t believe that Cassie had a twin. Sharon explains not knowing that she delivered two babies. Mariah isn’t Cassie but she said what Cassie would have. Cassie would be proud of you for doing the right thing. Alice doesn’t know anything about a sex ring – she just helped a few girls out with a place to stay. Mariah calls BS – you sent two girls out with John’s last night. There’s no time for this, Sharon wants to focus on saving Crystal.

Your Father has made it perfectly clear that he doesn’t want my assistance, Victor thinks that too bad because he owns a perfect venue in St Louis. Coincidentally, that’s where Noah wanted to expand next. Oh well, look at the other places and don’t overextend yourself, Victor advises.

Lily couldn’t bring herself to tell Cane that she wanted a divorce – she won’t change her mind. This is how it has to be. She wants his input on telling the kids (who come home on cue to wonder if they’re about to hear good news or bad)