Friday, October 6th

In Jack’s office, Phyllis is adamant that Billy did not use her laptop to access Jabot’s servers. He wouldn’t do that, she assures Jack.

At BnS, Billy’s playing hardball on the phone – I don’t care what you need to do (get it done by the release date!) Vikki arrives to say that she’s looked over Jabot’s budget memo again and now wonders whether putting all their funds towards a men’s line is the right approach. You want me to go on Phyllis’ laptop again? Billy asks. New exec. Lily interrupts to ask what they’re working on.

Colin hugs his son at the club. He was sorry to hear that Lily filed for divorce. So, what’s your plan? he asks Cane (whose blank expression indicates he has none)

On the CL’s patio, Hilary asks Mattie how she’s doing. Hearing that Mattie’s phone’s been confiscated and that she’s forbidden from seeing Reed, Hilary offers her phone – I think I’ve proven I’m trustworthy.

Moving in together – that’s crazy, Mariah didn’t see it coming. Neither did Tessa. With a kiss, Noah leaves Tessa to pack up her stuff. Congratulations, Mariah smiles at her BFF – looks like you got what you wanted.

Ending a call, Sharon updates Nick that Alice wasn’t accidentally hit. How is she? Nick asks. She’s gone! Sharon wails.

Vikki and Billy are overjoyed to have Lily onboard – to mostly take over Juliet’s duties. Lily vows to return their loyalty. OK then, Vikki’s plan is to dominate the men’s market. We’re in a war here.

Over coffee at the club, Cane updates his Dad that his marriage is over. As for a job, do you think Jill will hire me? Colin doesn’t know – Jill’s on a retreat. Hearing that Juliet’s having a son, an excited Colin calls her over to introduce himself as ‘soon to be grandfather of the child you’re carrying’.

On her way out of CL’s, Hilary chats with Reed. Mattie’s on the patio – she could use a friend. She used my phone – I’m sure your Mother wouldn’t be happy about it. Hilary then watches as Reed and Mattie hug on the patio.

Jack reminds Phyllis that SHE’S the one who convinced him that BnS was getting insider info. You said it was a mole. We couldn’t find one. You claimed you didn’t slip. Jack hears doubt in Phyllis’ voice – we both know damned well that Billy would do this.

Sharon reports finding Alice’s hospital room empty. Either she ran or those people caught up with her. Nick’s sure Paul will bust up this sex ring but until arrests are made be careful.