Tuesday, October 31st

In costume, the twins come home to find that Cane’s decorated the house for Halloween. It’s going to be awesome! he holds a candle below his chin in a bid to be scary. The twins couldn’t look more mortified.

At Jabot, Victor sticks his arm in the elevator door to stop it from closing. But it’s Billy who does most of the talking. Jack tainted the masks – he put Vikki in the hospital, he’s sure. Let’s stop doing this little dance and do something about it.

Devon and Mariah (as Michael Jackson and Madonna) are joined on the CL’s patio by Noah and Tessa (who haven’t gone to great lengths to dress up)

At home, Sharon denies being nervous around Zack – it’s just his guilt talking. On to more important things – meeting Faith (who then comes down to say with surprise ‘oh, you’

When Reed arrives, Cane jokes that he’s dressed up as a ‘slacker’. Reed jokes back – let me guess; corporate drone? Oh snap, Charlie quips. Have fun – no drugs, no drinking, Cane instructs. Reed promises there won’t be any of that and compliments Cane’s decorations. His offer to put on horror movies are declined. He retreats to his study promising ‘not a peep’ but peeks his head out as party guests start arriving.

Scott does his best to engage Faith but loses her with a long-winded history of disco (because she’s dressed as a dancing queen) Sharon explains that Scott’s a writer. Faith thinks that cool and impresses him with her vocabulary. So, how’d you meet my Mom? I helped her with her homework; she got an A and I get free refills. Yes, I guess I am your Mom’s boyfriend. You definitely are, Sharon agrees. Scott wants him and Faith to be friends. If he really means that, there’s something you can do for me, she smiles.

Jack’s frustrated that Dina refuses to come out of her room and can’t remember what a lying creep Graham is. Ashley states the obvious – she had a stroke. Mother needs you (us) now more than ever. Jack busy on his laptop, Ashley really wishes he’d look her in the eye and tell her he didn’t taint BnS’s mask.

Victor’s got ‘his people’ on it but won’t act against Jack until he has proof (despite Billy’s insistence) When Vikki arrives at the office, Billy repeats his offer of money. Victor says they need someone with deep pockets who knows what he’s doing. Knowing Victor means himself, Billy appeals to Vikki – tell your Father that this is me and you – we don’t need him. Tell him.

You really think I’m capable of that? Because of Billy’s accusations? Jack’s indignant. Ashley knows how much he hates Billy and how cold and calculating he can be – so please, look me in the eyes and tell me the truth. Does it really matter what I say if you could think that of me? Jack’s saved when Ashley gets a call – the results are back on the mask. Jack’s left to look like he has something to hide.

Mattie whines to Reed that her party is lame (though everyone else is chatting animatedly) Passing through to the kitchen, Cane turns the lights on and warns Mattie and Reed not to get any stains on the rug. When Mattie continues her ‘it’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to’ mood, Reed suggests they take this party on the road – I know a place we can go.