Friday, January 12th

Latex gloves on, Graham selects a bottle of ‘something-hyde’ and unpackages a syringe.

At CL’s, Paul has no good news for Ashley – even GC has lowlifes who would like to get their hands on this type of chemical for a variety of twisted reasons.

Graham closes the drawer as Dina comes out to ask ‘what are you doing with all those drugs?

When Nick shows up to pick Faith up for school, he’s surprised when two strange kids run past him into the kitchen. Mariah feels like she’s in ‘the wrong house’ too. Sharon then comes down with the homeless woman, Kathy.

At the club for breakfast, Nikki updates all that she and Victor have assigned Reed chores and will whip him into shape (figuratively, I assume) When Vikki hopes her parenting skills won’t be judged again, Nikki explains that she was more upset with JT. Now, what – or WHO has put that smile on Vikki’s face?

A disheveled JT returns to the estate to join Billy and Cane for coffee – he didn’t get much sleep last night. Are we going to let this mess slide? Billy wrinkles his nose. No, but Cane has something to say first – and this might come as a shock.

Oatmeal’s ready, Sharon sends Kathy and the kids into the kitchen to eat. After Mariah goes up to hurry Faith along, Nick questions Sharon’s decision to move strangers into her home. Sharon asks that Nick take Faith for a few days – she will NOT abandon a fellow-Mom in crisis.

On the CL’s patio, Paul’s still waiting for an update from forensics. Ashley’s still working on her list of stolen chemicals; it’ll be harder because not everything was in place. She has to check invoices, packing slips etc. Paul’s glad – narrowing down what chemicals were stolen will narrow down their search. Ashley hopes the thief is caught and locked the hell up asap.

Graham’s now a pharmaceutical rep – remember? No, Dina doesn’t. It’s boring anyway, how about a walk in the park? You always know just what I need, a bemused Dina leads the way. This time Graham’s wearing a black leather glove as he picks up a brown paper bag on his way out of the suite.