Wednesday, January 3rd

As Sharon, Scott and Abby search the club for Christian, Chelsea gives the club manager a description of him. Aside, Abby wails to Scott that this is all her fault for getting into a stupid fight with Sharon. Glaring at the pair, Sharon stomps off. As Lauren follows the manager,... Read more

Tuesday, January 2nd

Nick really doesn’t want to be at Sharon’s doing this – it’s gonna hurt. He finally rips the band-aid off and tattles that he saw Scott kissing another woman the other night. ‘Who’ is not important. Well, it is to Sharon. Why is Nick protecting this woman? It’s now the... Read more

Monday, January 1st

Walking over to the club’s bar, JT grabs Billy’s drink to sniff his ‘liquid breakfast’ and blame his (not so) positive influence on Reed getting arrested for DUI (all news to Billy) At home, Cane’s sending Jill a zip file to read on her way home to Australia (positive sales... Read more