Wednesday, January 3rd

As Sharon, Scott and Abby search the club for Christian, Chelsea gives the club manager a description of him. Aside, Abby wails to Scott that this is all her fault for getting into a stupid fight with Sharon. Glaring at the pair, Sharon stomps off. As Lauren follows the manager, Nick arrives to hug Chelsea – and ask Connor if he saw where Christian went.

What are you doing here? What are YOU doing here? Jack and Ashley ask each other at home. It’s quickly revealed that both have summoned attorney’s over for a meeting. Yes, ‘unfortunately’, Mike has met Tony Kingsman. Soo much for resolving this in a civilized, respectful manner, he mutters. Respect is earned, not given – that’s what my Father used to say, Ashley’s smug. Be prepared to fight like hell for it – I added that last part, she leads Tony aside (Jack and Mike left looking like they smell something bad)

Nick fumes upon hearing that Christian went missing because Chelsea went to break up Sharon and Abby’s fight over ‘this guy’ (Scott gets the stinkeye) She only let him out of her sight for a second and was only five feet away, Lauren chimes in her defense of Chelsea. Sharon’s so sorry. As all decide to resume the search, Nick instructs Chelsea to stay put with Connor. Back at their table, Lauren reassures Chelsea with a story of losing Fen at the mall for 10 minutes. He was playing hide and seek.

Mike once lost a charity golf tournament to Tony after his scorecard mysteriously ‘went missing’. Underhanded tactics, THAT’S your attorney, he warns Ashley (whose only concern is Tony’s record of winning in court) As Tony’s sent to the dining room, Jack asks where Ashley found this guy. He owns half of Billy’s racehorse, Ashley surprises neither Jack or Mike (who quips – ‘I assume the back half’)

Lauren accosts Abby as their search takes them upstairs. You’re callous and self-serving, Lauren makes it clear she’s no fan of Sharon’s but assumes Scott regrets getting involved with Abby. HE’s the one who needs to take responsibility! HE’S the one who cheated and didn’t have the guts to make a choice! Abby shouts. She’s right, Scott appears to say sheepishly. When Abby continues her search for Christian, Lauren chases Scott demanding an explanation. Scott loves Sharon but admits he’s attracted to Abby. You’ve had a ‘wandering eye’ too, he reminds his Mom. Lauren’s concerned, she’s not judging. You’re not judging HIM you mean, Sharon snaps as she walks back into the dining-room.

Updated by the manager that no one’s seen Christian, Nick calls the police.

In the diningroom, Ashley thinks it time she show Tony out. He claims he’s more interested in the family dynamic than the family heirlooms he’s inspecting. He wanted to have the meeting in the living room so he could observe family photos; see who’s standing next to who – whose smiles are genuine etc. It IS important to a court case over a family business. They then get down to business; Tony suggests that Jack’s clause was premeditated. Why is he using your paternity against you NOW? Mentioning his three sisters, Tony jokes they’re the reason he’s never married.

He’s in there trying to charm Ashley, Mike hisses outside the closed dining room door – trying to convince her that he’s a nice guy. He works the angles, plays dirty. Jack knows Mike’s no stranger to unorthodox tactics. When needed – Mike then admits that for years he’s wanted an opportunity to wipe the floor with the pirana (Tony)

Ashley’s sent Tony a text with the dates of Jack’s actions. Taking notes, Tony asks her about her Father. Ashley found it hard to believe they weren’t related by blood – we were so similar. He was your Father, Tony smiles. In every way except biologically, Ashley now wonders what the game plan is.