Thursday, May 31st

In Billy’s revamped office, Ashley questions him pulling the marketing plan for ‘Birthday Suit’ (Jabot’s new sunscreen) Billy’s got new ideas but can’t show them to Ashley (the competition) Calling Billy to say that this new marketing strategy is ‘so not cool’, Kyle hangs up and walks in bare-chested. There’s... Read more

Wednesday, May 30th

At CL’s, Phyllis gushes about how sexy Billy is as CEO – then is thrilled to hear that Hilary’s pregnant (and looking for the perfect opportunity to tell Devon) Our lives will never be the same. Sharon comes downstairs to ask Nick what’s troubling him. Nick just got off the... Read more

Tuesday, May 29th

Understandably pissed that Victor’s using Christian’s paternity against him, Nick asks how long he’s known. How long have YOU known? Victor counters. It seems Chelsea got careless before she left town. What are you afraid of, son? Victor sneers. Ready to head over to the rooftop to meet the crew,... Read more

Monday, May 28th

At the club, Victor agrees with Vikki’s plans to divest – he’s proud that she’s found her stride and is no longer fighting imaginary foes. Both are happy Nick’s coming back to work. Sharon wonders why Nick’s been quiet since the pool party – what’s bothering you? Hearing that he’s... Read more

Friday, May 25th

The club’s rooftop ‘Dive Bar’ is all decorated for Memorial Day when Devon gives Neil bad news; we might have to call this whole thing off. At home, Sharon and Nick give Faith their good news; we’re a couple. You can’t be, Faith stuns them – it’ll ruin everything. Kyle’s... Read more

Thursday, May 24th

At Jabot, Phyllis hands out popcorn as Billy welcomes all the to new era of Jabot. We need to end this era fast, Jack whispers to Kyle (as a line up of employees applaud) Abby’s looking bummed out at the club’s bar when Devon comes over to hear all about... Read more

Wednesday, May 23rd

Ashley pauses to read Billy’s name on the office door and no, she doesn’t have an appointment (since when did she need one?) No, Billy hasn’t gotten around to looking at her hard drive of ideas. He’s renovating to make things better, interviewing new chemists and expanding the lab. Ashley... Read more

Tuesday, May 22nd

Looking at the blueprints on her desk, Gloria’s not enthused to hear that Billy’s having Arturo install a window in the wall so he can see into the reception. As CEO, Billy wants to be visible and transparent. Gloria grudgingly admits she likes Billy’s ideas (which doesn’t sit well with... Read more

Monday, May 21st

Kyle’s about to head out to work when Ashley stops him to update that Jack went on a bender, had some pills (but may not have taken any) and is now acting like everything is normal. Knowing Jack isn’t OK, Ashley’s surprised to hear that he isn’t in his room.... Read more

Friday, May 18th

Mariah comes home looking for Nick and Sharon. Guys, I really need your help, she runs upstairs. Oh My God! (sounds like she walked in on something horrifying) In Jack’s office, Billy and Ashley worry about Jack. Paul’s looking into it; he hasn’t used his card but was at the... Read more