Monday, January 1st

Walking over to the club’s bar, JT grabs Billy’s drink to sniff his ‘liquid breakfast’ and blame his (not so) positive influence on Reed getting arrested for DUI (all news to Billy)

At home, Cane’s sending Jill a zip file to read on her way home to Australia (positive sales reports that support her decision not to sell CI to Jabot but to leave the company in his capable hands) Chided for her other ‘stunt’, Jill’s frustrated that it didn’t work. Why, she even flew in caviar from Finland. It’s certainly not through her lack of trying that that Cane blew a golden opportunity with Lily.

When Lily arrives to meet her at CL’s, Abby’s relieved to avoid/escape more awkward chit-chat with Sharon (though on the patio assures Lily that things aren’t awkward with Sharon) I have zero feelings for Scott, she lies.

Billy leaves a message for Vikki (wanting to hear about Reed from a more reliable source) JT continues – he doesn’t THINK he’s a better influence on Reed – he knows it (again pointing out that Billy’s drinking his breakfast) Both have disparaging stories to tell Reed – but it’d probably be a tie they agree (since neither have stellar pasts)

At the penthouse, Chelsea’s all excited about the bathroom reno but the only thing on Nick’s mind is the kiss he saw between Scott and Abby. Chelsea doesn’t see the big deal – you don’t know enough to make a decision. If someone saw ME kissing someone, wouldn’t you want to know? Not waiting for an answer, Nick grabs his coat and leaves.

Back on the patio, Abby’s sure there’s new men for both her and Lily in 2018. Wait, what? You and Scott kissed? Lily’s assured that it was just a goodbye kiss. She then tells Abby about Jill’s awkward attempt to set up her and Cane.

Jill and Cane disagree on whether he has a future with Lily. You came close to kissing her! Regardless, Cane’s sure it’s over – he knows Lily better than anyone.

Lily tells Abby that the evening with Cane was easy and comfortable until the awkward moment – a hug at midnight. I know Cane – that’s as far as he wanted to take it.

It looked to Jill like Lily was waiting for Cane to make the first move. As he helps Jill into her coat, Cane thinks it obvious that Lily’s moved on.

Cane moved on faster than I did, Lily admits to Abby – that’s what hurts the most.

Her car waiting to take her to the airport, Jill still has time to advise Cane – tell Lily you want her back (or you’ll regret it)

Still at the bar, JT and Billy decide not to get into who hurt Vikki more – or who hurt Mac more. They then mention Colleen and JT leaving a drunken Billy in a snowbank. Throwing money down on the bar, Billy hides seconds before Jill comes in to hug JT (who promptly points out Billy’s hiding spot) When Jill takes note of the empty glass on the bar, Billy shakes his head – JT’s drinking and it’s not even noon. Jill scowls disapprovingly at JT as Billy smirks.