Wednesday, January 17th

Jack and Ashley find the door to Dina’s suite ajar. Barging in, they find Graham on the floor – Dina’s missing. Ashley tries to revive Graham while Jack calls 911 to summon help. There’s a man down, no pulse, needle sticking out of his arm. Ester reluctantly lets Hilary in... Read more

Tuesday, January 16th

Enjoying a glass of wine overlooking ‘the city of lights’, Abby gushes over the photos of Lily on her tablet. They don’t even need to do another shoot tonight so can do some sightseeing before Lily leaves tomorrow. Lily fondly remembers watching a sunset with Cane in France. ‘The view... Read more

Monday, January 15th

Driving through Paris, Cane tells his cab driver that he needs to find his wife (‘ma femme’) and save his marriage. At the estate, JT’s already given Billy an update on today’s schedule – check your email Mr Temporary CEO. As Billy checks his phone to ‘refresh himself’, JT’s busy... Read more

Friday, January 12th

Latex gloves on, Graham selects a bottle of ‘something-hyde’ and unpackages a syringe. At CL’s, Paul has no good news for Ashley – even GC has lowlifes who would like to get their hands on this type of chemical for a variety of twisted reasons. Graham closes the drawer as... Read more

Thursday, January 11th

Ashley turns the light on in the lab and sees that it’s been ransacked. You’ll be late for school – Reed, don’t make me come up there! Vikki calls out. Bolting up the stairs and back down, she makes a call – Reed’s gone! Letting JT in, Vikki updates that... Read more

Wednesday, January 10th

Ignoring Mike’s warnings, Ashley shouts and pounds on the door of Graham and Dina’s suite. As Graham holds the door ajar to taunt Ashley about Dina being his wife, Mike shoves paperwork in that prevents Graham from taking Dina anywhere. Try it, Ashley challenges – she would love to see... Read more

Tuesday, January 9th

Leaving for the courthouse, Jack leaves Ashley a message then lets Mike in to fret that he hasn’t been able to reach his sisters. He’s determined to have Graham removed from Dina’s will and as power of attorney. Time is one thing we don’t have, he hurries Mike out. Traci... Read more

Monday, January 8th

Vikki and Devon are looking at her computer at the club’s bar. He’s impressed with the BnS expansion and agrees it’ll do Abby good to go to Paris. Vikki’s just glad Abby’s fight with Sharon (over Scott) wasn’t picked up by the media (which Devon gives Hilary credit for) Devon’s... Read more

Friday, January 5th

You’re early, Vikki comments when finding Scott waiting outside her office. Are you coming? she opens the door. As Cane looks at Lily’s number on his phone, JT comes into the house after a run to ask how Sam is – and mention the attractive nanny. He’s heading up for... Read more

Thursday, January 4th

Lily’s at the club. Cane’s at home. Both are thinking about the other, typing the same messages to each other, then deleting the texts before sending. ‘Did I screw everything up’? they both wonder. Come on sleeping beauty, you can’t be late for your first day working with Cane, Phyllis... Read more