Thursday, August 30th

Why didn’t you just knock? Why were you lurking out there? a confused Mariah asks Tessa. Yes, we know this person, Sharon takes Rey aside to ask why he brought a gun to dinner? His line of work – and he didn’t feel comfortable leaving at the motel. Sharon shows... Read more

Wednesday, August 29th

Kyle accosts Ashley to discuss their mutual problem – feet away from Billy’s office. Yes, she’s still worried about Billy’s reckless behavior but won’t use his gambling addiction to entrap him. Knowing Billy will cross the line, Kyle’s eager to push the timeline. Ashley wants to rely on surveillance to... Read more

Tuesday, August 28th

Sharon’s surprised Phyllis is at CL’s for coffee this evening instead of enjoying martinis at home with Billy. She’s been trying to reach Summer to discuss wedding plans. Phyllis informs that she’s on vacation – incommunicado. We needed a vacation from each other. Colliding with Vikki on the rooftop, Rey... Read more

Monday, August 27th

Mariah’s gathered Vikki, Abby and Nikki at CL’s to plan Sharon’s bridal shower. Summer was invited but hasn’t replied. As Nikki suggests a lunch outdoors, a distracted Vikki goes to get coffee. At the club for breakfast, Dina talks about her dog, Piper; a wonderful birthday present. Jack reminds that... Read more

Friday, August 24th

Topping up his coffee, Sharon babbles to Rey (who’s busy playing an online video game) He’s there every morning because he likes the coffee and the owner. I hope that means you’ll keep stopping by, Sharon blushes and excuses herself. Rey scrawls in his notepad – then accosts Abby to... Read more

Thursday, August 23rd

‘Door’s open’, Nate says – then ends his handstand to greet Nikki. Is everything OK? he’s surprised. Nikki’s there about her daughter – I’m afraid I lied to you. On the CL’s patio, Abby’s showing Arturo a goody bag of stuff she bought for his trip with Nick; DVD’s, chocolate... Read more

Wednesday, August 22nd

On the rooftop, Phyllis doesn’t believe that Summer’s going to Philadelphia to be with Billy – she’s going to a yoga retreat. Kyle’s sure he’s correct – Summer’s going to Philly and we both know why. Boo, Summer appears as Billy orders coffee at CL’s. Make that to go, he... Read more

Tuesday, August 21st

At Jabot, Kyle updates Ashley that Billy’s at an out of town meeting and Gloria’s chatting up a new hire. Ashley has news of her own – Dark Horse bought Jabotique leases (which Jack will have canceled) Kyle’s left disappointed that Ashley doesn’t seem to need any more assistance from... Read more

Friday, August 17th

Good morning! Back from a business trip, Jack meets with Nick at the club to update that investors in Europe are excited about an Abbott and a Newman teaming up and are eager to invest in Dark Horse. Nick did indeed look into buying the leasing company Jack recommended and... Read more