Friday, March 30

I love you too Mom, Vikki ends her call and updates JT that the medication hasn’t stopped Victor’s infection yet. JT encourages Vikki to take care of herself – they’ll celebrate their engagement later tonight. Vikki doesn’t think that a good idea. Billy and Phyllis visit Jack – both know... Read more

Thursday, March 29th

This spoiler is late due to two random but unrelated issues. I had a funeral yesterday and didn’t get back til late last night. Also, as luck would have it, the site is experiencing tech difficulties (which Lyndsay is currently working on) Astonished that Victor’s opening his eyes, Ashley updates... Read more

Wednesday, March 28th

Hilary’s reporting live from this ‘glittering’ Walnut Grove centennial; an alumni reunion. A blast from the past can change just about anything, she teases. Kyle had to come see for himself – he didn’t think anyone could take down the great Victor Newman. Maybe you’re faking. Maybe not, he snaps... Read more

Tuesday, March 27th

JT’s in Paul’s office gloating – I came through and not it’s time for you to do the same; in the form of a job. Yeah, about that – those contracts were fake/useless. Either Victor played you or you’re trying to play me, Paul informs. Holding Victor’s hand, Nikki tries... Read more

Monday, March 26th

On one side of Victor’s bedside, Nikki refuses to leave his side. She can and WILL stay 24/7 and it’s NOT just for appearances. On the other side, Nick reassures his Mom that it’s not her fault – don’t drive yourself crazy with ‘what ifs’. Then whose fault IS it?... Read more

Friday, March 23rd

In her most anxious voice, Hilary Curtis is reporting live from GCM with a GC Buzz exclusive – Victor Newman was assaulted tonight at this sprawling ranch. Police are on the scene gathering evidence to ID his assailant. Mr Newman is in grave condition. Stay tuned for further updates. Three... Read more

Thursday, March 22nd

Naked beneath a blanket, JT and Vikki cuddle. I just need some time, Vikki goes upstairs wrapped in a sheet. At the ranch, Nikki accuses Victor or goading Jack. He can never win against me, Victor vows. Jack comes home ranting about Victor ruining the meeting. He acts like he... Read more

Wednesday, March 21st

After JT releases his grip, Vikki runs upstairs (the installed camera is directly aimed at the spot JT physically assaulted Vikki) Locked in her bathroom, she sits on the floor and quietly weeps. Sharon comes in to find Nick deciding which tie to wear to his meeting with Nikki and... Read more

Tuesday, March 20th

In his office, Victor’s on his phone discussing JT. Follow him – tap his phone – Victor wants to know who JT’s working with. But be careful – this guy’s in security – he knows what he’s doing. At home, Vikki’s not looking forward to going in to work today.... Read more

Monday, March 19th

At home, JT’s talking Vikki into going to the ranch for dinner with the Father who just demoted her. Let’s invite my parents here – have dinner on our own turf, she suggests. In Victor’s home office, Nikki disapproves of the ‘harsh’ statement he’s written to ‘shame’ Vikki. There’s really... Read more