Tuesday, January 2nd

Nick really doesn’t want to be at Sharon’s doing this – it’s gonna hurt. He finally rips the band-aid off and tattles that he saw Scott kissing another woman the other night. ‘Who’ is not important. Well, it is to Sharon. Why is Nick protecting this woman?

It’s now the next day. Mariah comes home from dropping Faith off at school to wonder what’s wrong with Sharon. Nick saw Scott kissing another woman, Sharon snivels. It was Abby, Mariah wastes no time adding.

At the club, Abby updates Lily that there’s been no word about her and Scott (who’s on a business trip) Maybe Nick didn’t tell Sharon. Nick? Yes, he saw us kissing – go ahead, tell me I’m reckless, Abby sighs.

At the penthouse, Nick’s concerned that he hasn’t heard from Sharon but doesn’t regret telling her; maybe he should have warned Abby. You kept her name out of it as promised, Chelsea thinks Nick should let the cards fall. Nick then gets a text; Monique’s sick and can’t watch the kids. It’s decided (mostly by Nick) that Chelsea will watch the boys until he gets back from his meeting.

Good riddance! Dina shouts as an apologetic Jack shows a home-nurse to the door. That’s the third candidate you’ve run off, he points out that he must get back to work or lose his role as Jabot’s CEO. That’s too bad because Dina only trusts Jack and Graham to take care of her.

Dina’s delighted that Jack’s brought her to Jabot (where she can almost hear money being made) After she toddles off to her office to read some reports, Jack asks a security guard to keep an eye on her.

Puzzled that Sharon’s not at CL’s, Scott orders coffee. No, the girl behind the counter doesn’t know where Sharon is.

Back at the club, Abby’s relieved that Lily isn’t judging her but knows it’s all about to hit the fan.

Hearing what Faith saw (weeks ago) Sharon’s not happy to realize that her boyfriend’s been kissing Abby Newman all over town. Mariah lists several reasons why she didn’t tell her Mom but No! Sharon’s mental stability isn’t one of them. Though weepy and angry, Sharon assures Mariah that she’s strong and stable. When Scott arrives, Mariah’s sent off to her fictitious appointment. And Sharon wastes no time confronting Scott – I know about you and Abby!

Scott’s so so so…… Sorry, Sharon interrupts – I feel so stupid! Sharon’s angry over the two kisses she knows about but infuriated when Scott drops the bomb that he and Abby had sex in the storage unit. As Sharon blames herself for letting Scott into her heart, her home and her family, Scott sticks with his ‘it was a one time mistake’ story, Sharon calls BS on that and drops her own bomb (that he’s been seen kissing Abby) Scott’s left speechless as Sharon mopes into the kitchen.

In Jack’s office, Lauren insists her vote against him was just business. She believes Jabot should have a CEO on site. Dina interrupts blathering and insulting Lauren. You’re exactly like your Mother (who used her body to pursue my John) Jack apologizes. Lauren says ‘it’s OK’ and stays in the office while Jack shows Dina out.