Friday, March 16th

Victor’s heard but not seen as we focus on a chessboard. Chess is a strategy – surround yourself with strength and you’ll be protected.

At home, Vikki leaves a message for JT – call me back. She needs his opinion on the option Victor gave her to stay at Newman. Come home. I need to know what you think.

Victor moves a chess piece – you must always be prepared for a stealth attack.

JT gets in Paul’s car for a lecture – you’ve had weeks to come up with proof that Victor’s involved in global price fixing. JT points out that Victor knows how to cover his tracks, that’s why you couldn’t find anything and needed me. It’s my job to get you to do your job – Paul’s pulling the plug. You can’t do that, JT protests.

Reed’s about to make a move when Victor coaches him again – some pieces are more valuable than others. You only sacrifice them when and if it serves your cause at the end.

At CL’s, Nick doesn’t appreciate Phyllis teasing him about Sharon. He has a lot on his mind (to do with his Mom) Nikki’s young hot lover? Crazy right? Phyllis surprises Nick with the clear implication that she already knows.

In front of the club’s revolving door, Billy congratulates Lily on her new business. She’ll have to take a raincheck on a Mimosa; she’s doing a casting call upstairs and will be drowning in models. Drowning in models? Billy repeats to himself – then follows Lily upstairs.

Still in Paul’s car, JT knows NE is corrupted; he’ll get things back on track and search Newman Tower top to bottom. The contracts might not be there (or even exist) Paul argues – then agrees to give JT a bit more time. But if this goes sideways, the authorities will deny any involvement – you’re on your own, he warns.

Thank God – where’ve you been? Vikki’s relieved when JT comes home. Yes, there’s been a development with Victor but she’d rather talk about ‘us’. She regrets not being honest and promises not to do it again. Softening, JT asks what’s going on with Victor and dissuades Vikki from leaving NE. Vikki’s surprised – I thought you wanted me to leave. JT thinks Vikki should ride it out – things will get better sooner than you think. No, he doesn’t know anything she doesn’t. Opening the mail, he finds a ‘blast from the past’ – an invitation from Walnut Grove.