Monday, March 19th

At home, JT’s talking Vikki into going to the ranch for dinner with the Father who just demoted her. Let’s invite my parents here – have dinner on our own turf, she suggests.

In Victor’s home office, Nikki disapproves of the ‘harsh’ statement he’s written to ‘shame’ Vikki. There’s really no need for a memo – just let her save face and step down quietly. When Nikki suggests Victor might change his mind after dinner, Victor wonders what put her in such a good mood.

Back at home, Vikki doesn’t understand why JT insists on having dinner out at the ranch.

Do you want to talk about it? Sharon can tell by the way Nick’s lifting a dumbbell that he’s upset about something. Towelling off, Nick swears Sharon to secrecy and confides that his Mom’s seeing someone; a MUCH younger guy they both work with (so Nick can’t just pretend everything’s cool)

Lily whines to Abby at CL’s. Devon’s all gung-ho on having a baby with Hilary but she hasn’t given up on putting a stop to it.

At HWG, Hilary’s having Mariah juggle their shooting schedule to work around her appointment to be artificially inseminated. Feeling lucky, she’s optimistic that she’ll get pregnant her first time.

No need to be suspicious, Nikki’s just relieved that Vikki’s staying at NE. Yes, but it’ll take a while for her to regain Victor’s trust after her colluding with Jack. Nikki hopes he’ll keep an open mind and make an effort tonight.

JT will play his part tonight (to convince Victor that Vikki’s still loyal to him) Besides, Nikki’s probably got the chef preparing dinner already. OK, we’ll go, Vikki’s helped into her coat. JT’s confident it’ll be a productive night.

Vikki, JT and the three kids get a warm welcome at the ranch – then are promptly shipped off to watch a movie in the ‘media room’. That leaves Victor to pat himself on the back for being ‘generous’ enough to keep Vikki on (he really had to finesse Ashley) Vikki’s grateful to remain on as senior VP of operations. No shop talk, JT wants to enjoy this family occasion. All look awkward as Vikki goes to get a glass of much-needed wine.