Monday, May 14th

Speeding along, Nick’s scanner app updates that JT’s cell is being picked up just three blocks away. We’ve got him! Nick exclaims. In the passenger seat, Phyllis sneaks her cell phone out.

Abby and Ashley find Vikki sitting behind her Dad’s desk. All politely discuss business as Vikki gets a text from Phyllis (JT’s cellphone pinged!!!) Is everything OK? Abby asks.

This can’t be right – why would JT be in this alley? Phyllis is left sitting in the car when Nick spots someone and leaps out to give chase – that’s him!

Billy’s on the phone at Jack’s desk rescheduling due to Jack having the ‘flu’ when Kyle comes in to say his Dad’s been on a drinking binge since he saw these DNA results. Taking the paperwork, Billy can’t imagine how Jack took this. Kyle’s never seen him like this – he just took off.

Vikki’s relieved when Ashley’s summoned by Billy for a family emergency. After she and Abby leave, she sends Phyllis a text – what’s happening?

Phyllis has caught up to Nick by the time he pounces on the guy who’s got JT’s phone. The cops arriving seconds later guess correctly that Nick downloaded a police scanner app and scold him for playing vigilante. When the guy claims he found the phone in a dumpster, Nick’s further frustrated when the police take it as evidence.

Devon arrives at the office to ask Hilary what she’s working on (then drowns her out with loud music on his laptop; he’s looking for an artist to replace Simone)

With Abby, Kyle and Billy in Jack’s office, Ashley describes how Jack might be feeling. Kyle relays how guilty Jack feels about what he did to Ashley (who loves her brother no matter what) After Billy steps out to take a call, Kyle fears what Jack will do. Billy returns to say that Jack missed a signing deadline. The focus now is to find him. It’s what Dad would want, Ashley concludes.