Tuesday, July 17th

Abby and Summer now learn that the other three ladies knew that Nick was impersonating JT. It’s not ‘awesome’, Nikki corrects Summer – it’s cruel. Nick feels that Victor controlled them with fear. So, he went after the source of power; Newman Enterprises. He tracked down the guy who was using JT’s phone and got some numbers he’d written down (passwords he used to gather data) He hired a hacker to do the rest. The medical records? Everything has a price. Nick had cameras and trackers put in Victor’s home, office, car. He had a prosthetics expert make a JT mask (to try flush him out) Nick hasn’t given up on finding him. Nikki doesn’t recognize her son anymore. You should – I’m my Father’s son. He hopes they can understand.

All now milling about, Nikki quietly accuses Sharon of knowing about all this. No, and she’s furious that Nick hid it. Vikki doesn’t think Sharon’s in any position to be made at Nick for hiding things. All hope he never finds out why he wasn’t able to flush JT out. Across the room, Abby and Summer side with Nick. Vikki appreciates her brother not taking her job but you didn’t do it for me. You need to let this go. Nick’s only just beginning.

Back on the rooftop, Tessa encourages Mariah to have one more glass of wine; we both deserve a break. Mariah’s thinking about what Hilary told her – I am afraid of putting myself out there and overthink everything. Tessa shuts her up with a kiss. You’re perfect.

Shawna doesn’t know how to follow rules – she probably never had any. When Hilary claims that Charlie’s not perfect, Lily’s sure Shawna’s the one pushing him. Charlie barks that Shawna’s gone. You were too busy fighting to notice she was upset. I have to find her! he runs out (the ladies in pursuit)

Nick’s plan ends in this building – with the company he’s started; Dark Horse. He’s made deals with every company that’s severed ties with NE. Where did he get the money? The Newman name carries weight – many venture capitalists are eager to go into business with Victor Newman’s son. He wants Dark Horse to be embody everything NE is supposed to be. He wants everyone to come work with him – to be part of the future.

Lily’s driving and arguing with Hilary (Charlie in the back seat) when suddenly a vehicle crashes into the passenger side of the car.

Next: Jack makes a power move …. Abby is forced to choose sides … Sharon worries about Nick.