Wednesday, July 18th

The penthouse is empty when a distressed Shawna leaves a message on the house phone for Devon – please call me!

Reclining on his sofa, Neil’s listening to his jazz so loud that he misses Shawna’s call and brings Nate down to complain.

Two gurneys are wheeled into GCM’s emergency room.

Nick and the ladies are still at Dark Horse. Knowing they need time to think about it he gives them until tonight. This is happening – he’d rather do it with them than without.

Shawna shows up at Neil’s door – you have to come to the hospital; something horrible has happened!

At the club, Cane and Mattie are looking forward to family game night. While Mattie calls her Mom, Cane goes over to update Victor that Philip is not Jack’s Father, CI is still in capable hands. Since Lily’s not answering her phone, Mattie and Cane will just order her and Charlie’s favourites.

Nikki joins Victor to hear that NE has lost three deals to a company he’s never heard of. Is it called Dark Horse? Nikki informs that Nick’s been raising funds (not for charity as she thought) He’s coming after you, she warns.

Now alone at Dark Horse, Sharon wants to be happy for Nick but is still troubled that he lied. You’ve lied to me before, Nick reminds. He wants to focus on the good – let’s celebrate. Sharon’s not in the mood. Nick promises no more lies and is determined to make Dark Horse a success. Sharon loves Nick but doesn’t like him very much right now. If she doesn’t want to be with someone who’d go to these lengths to protect his family maybe she’s engaged to the wrong man (which Nick hopes isn’t the case) He then leaves her to think.

At GCM, Neil grills Charlie (who’s unhurt) Shawna explains that Lily and Hilary were fighting (because they were alone at the apartment – she saw the accident – a truck came out of nowhere. While Nate goes off to get some info on Lily and Hilary, Neil calls Cane’s cell. He and Mattie abandon their takeout bags and run for the door.

Still at the club, Nikki tells Victor that Nick’s cutting deals with companies who are happy to be in business with a Newman who doesn’t come with baggage. Victor’s sure Nick will fail – he’ll see to it. You’re still recovering, Nikki worries about the stress – there must be another way to heal this rift. There is – tell Nick to fold up shop, Victor orders – while he still has the chance.