Tuesday, July 17th

Hilary can’t wait for Devon to get back from his trip tonight. Shawna appreciates Hilary being cool about Charlie coming over – you’re going to kick butt as a Mom. Hearing she’ll be studying, Hilary leaves the young, responsible Shawna to it – don’t study too hard. Now alone, Shawna sends Charlie a text – we have the place to ourselves.

At Cl’s, Vikki and Nikki are discussing an invitation to a meeting that they both received from a company (Dark Horse) that’s negotiating with every company that cut ties with NE. Someone’s playing games with us. They then gripe about what Nick put them through. Abby arrives – she was hand-delivered an invitation from Dark Horse.

Charlie’s distracted at the HWG office. Lily busy on the phone, he asks Mattie to cover for him. He and Shawna will have Devon’s place to themselves.

On the rooftop, Hilary tells Mariah that Tessa really seems to care about her. She then delivers some unwanted words of wisdom; you were on the wrong track with Kevin and Devon – Tessa’s rejection hurt so you’re scared to trust it now. It’s scary as hell to put yourself out there, she knows. Mariah looks over at a smiling Tessa.

Vikki and Nikki walk through glass doors that read ‘Dark Horse’. On a conference table sits an ice bucket with champagne and glass. Sharon, Summer and Abby arrive to say this empty building is creepy. All are surprised when Nick walks in. No, he didn’t get an invitation – he sent them. Welcome to Dark Horse.

When Tessa hands her some paperwork, Hilary tells her and Mariah that they have a shot at something great but will have to fight to be together. If you love someone, it’s worth it, she tears up. Devon and I didn’t give up, she’s near tears. Your love will be tested, Hilary continues. Tessa wonders if this is about the guy Hilary was with last night. Not answering, Hilary leaves Tessa and Mariah to wonder what’s going on with her.

Back at HWG, Charlie tells his Mom that he needs to attend a meeting with his cross country team. Lily again on the phone, he convinces Mattie to cover for him. After he leaves, Lily hopes Charlie appreciates Mattie covering for him.