Wednesday, August 1st

Everyone watches in stunned silence as Devon asks Lily if Shawna’s telling the truth – did you cause the accident!? No… I don’t know, Lily stammers – I don’t remember. Declaring Shawna exhausted and mistaken, Cane tries to send her upstairs to rest. Devon’s not having it – he wants to hear exactly what happened.

Thanking Summer for meeting him at CL’s, Nick asks how Phyllis is doing – this will be a hard day for her. She’s strong, she’ll be OK, Summer shows little concern then gets the real reason her Dad asked to see her – Dark Horse needs Supergirl. Summer’s tempted (with a seat on the board) but happy at Fenmore’s. She’s then warned that Billy will fail – as always – and take everyone down with him.

Victor’s happy to find both Nikki and Vikki (in Vikki’s office) discussing how great it is to have Nikki on NE’s team. He then gives them the rest of the day off and has a surprise.

When Nick brings up Billy’s gambling, Summer defends him – he slipped up just like Grandma did with drinking. He’s brought incredible energy to Jabot but Summer can’t give her Dad details on what she’s working on with Kyle. Nick admires her loyalty and thinks her ‘grounded’. Summer’s figured out who she is and what she wants – like Nick has. She thinks his relationship with Sharon is better than her Mom’s with Billy. Summoned away by a text from Victor, Summer’s warned that Grandpa’s love comes with strings.

The club’s empty because Victor’s had it closed so that he can show Nikki, Vikki and Summer (who’s on her way) how much he appreciates having them in his life.

Back at the penthouse, Phyllis rejects Jack’s suggestion that they leave and watches Cane fail to get Shawna to back off. She loudly blames Lily for the accident by running a red light. The truck had the right of way. I’m not the one who’s lying, she assures Devon. Charlie apologizes to his Mom – but Shawna’s right – the accident was your fault.

Gushing over fine wine, the three ladies wonder why Victor’s gathered them at the club. He’s motivated by the tragedy that’s befallen the Winters family and his own near death. Despite Nick and JT trying to destroy him and the company, NE is recovering. Vikki beams when singled out for special praise as Victor toasts to her, Nikki and Summer (who stuck by him when others turned their backs) Cheers, they clink glasses.