Tuesday, August 7th

No, Billy can’t play hooky again this morning – he has to get to Jabot and work on his secret project. Refusing to give a curious Phyllis any details, he teases that she must be keeping some secrets from him too (which turns her frown upside down)

On the CL’s patio, Lily worries that she could be sentenced to 20 years and that Paul didn’t seem to believe that she didn’t remember running the red light. No, she doesn’t blame Cane for protecting her and the family and knows that whatever consequences she suffers are nothing compared to what Devon’s going through.

At Jabot, Ashley has a quiet chat with Kyle about getting the board’s support to challenge Billy re-allocating funds. Traci won’t like being put in the middle again and Phyllis will side with Billy. Kyle’s not so sure Phyllis is loyal to Billy. Oh, why? She’s voted against him before and might side with her boss, Lauren.

Sharon comes out to top up the Ashby’s coffee and offer support – the accident could have happened to anyone. Lily’s being brave by risking everything to tell the truth. Appreciating the support, Lily hopes Devon will forgive her (and will try to make amends to him now – alone) Cane’s left to look worried.

Neil finds Devon with his head in his hand at his desk – wanna talk? No. OK, yes. Devon had a dream about Hilary last night and for a moment when he woke up, thought she was still alive. Keep living your life for your child and for Hilary, Neil encourages.

Over breakfast at the club, Nikki and Victor discuss the grandkids; Summer, Faith coming home from camp. Grumbling about not seeing Christian, Nikki suggests Victor tell Nick that he misses his grandson – nothing else has worked.

At CL’s with Nick, Phyllis updates that Lauren’s on her way to discuss the possibility of Dark Horse buying Fenmore’s from Jabot. On the subject of Billy, Nick’s happy if Phyllis is. Glancing at Sharon, he concludes that both are with the right partner. When Lauren arrives, Nick surprises her and Phyllis by backing off on acquiring Fenmore’s. Billy wouldn’t go for it anyway now that he’s back with Phyllis (who doesn’t know – they separate business from ‘pillow talk’) Understanding but disappointed Lauren leaves saying that she still plans to extricate Fenmore’s from Jabot.

On his way into his office, Billy comments on Ashley and Kyle working on something mysterious together. They then meet Phyllis and Lauren off the elevator. We need to talk but not here. All four get on the elevator.

Neil greets Lily and listens as Lily tries to appeal to Devon. No, she doesn’t know what charges she faces. Neil’s proud of her but worried about the repercussions. Devon won’t congratulate Lily on doing what she should have right away. You only went to the police after I warned you that I will. He could have maybe forgiven Lily if she told the truth immediately – like Shawna did.