Monday, August 20th

Lauren accosts Kyle at CL’s. She has his coffee ready and extends her foot to slide a seat open – let’s have a chat, just us.

Rushing around the apartment, Billy gives Summer the old bump n’ spill. I’m OK, she assures – my blouse is not (it’s wet and in her hands)

When Nate encounters Vikki in NE’s break room, he requests a get-to-know-you chat in her office. Sorry, I’m busy, Vikki exits.

Rey bumps into Nikki at the club – don’t I know you? Nikki doesn’t think so. Taking a seat at the bar, Rey seems quite interested in Nikki (seated at a table in the background)

Lauren explains that she’s ‘part of’ but ‘apart from’ Jabot. Billy’s Jabotiques will be direct competition for Fenmore’s – does he plan to sell her company? Lauren knows that Kyle supports Ashley but does he support Billy too? Coy and smirking, Kyle’s a team player. Lauren doubts that – you made a deal with Victor to take Jabot public while your Father was in jail. Lauren could use someone like Kyle in her corner.

You should probably put this on, Billy hands Summer her shirt (that she’s in no hurry to put on) She’d believe Billy’s denials about being interested in her if his eyes didn’t keep drifting to her chest. On cue, Phyllis walks in on the quilty looking pair.

Billy and Summer explain the clumsy accident. Are you going to spend the rest of the day topless? Phyllis asks. My coworkers might find that distracting, Summer goes upstairs – leaving Billy to elaborate on the story. It’s lucky no one was hurt. Yeah, lucky break, Phyllis doesn’t look convinced (as Billy mops up the floor with paper towel)

Lauren admits that she might have a problem with her most senior executive and another employee living with Jabot’s CEO. What’s Kyle’s take on Summer – can I trust her? She’s changed, plays by her own rules – goes after what she wants, Kyle informs. Can I count on you? Lauren will make it worth his while (and leaves Kyle to think)

An ‘invigorated’ Victor drops by Vikki’s office to suggest she get to know Nate and hand over some numbers for next quarter. No, Victor doesn’t see Dark Horse as competition but wants to monitor its progress. Vikki’s pleasantly surprised that Victor’s impressed with what Nick’s done so far. But his only interest is taking it over and have Nick once again reporting to him.