Thursday, September 27th

Kyle lays out a plan to blackball Billy into resigning from C.E.O. Ashley practically explodes “we can’t do that Kyle, not when we have other options! We need to make Traci see that the only way out of this is to vote Billy out and for her to step in at Jabot!”

Phyllis fills Jack in, minus the part that Billy took the money from Jabot, and not his own wallet. “We can cover a lot of it, but not all of it.” Jack squirms when hearing the amount Phyllis is requesting of him. $250 000. Phyllis plays the “he’s your brother” card, however Jack reminds her that Billy betrayed his trust. After everything that has happened, Phyllis still believes that Jack will come forward with the money if he truly cares about his brother.

Gloria takes a phone call from Kyle who wants an update on what Billy has been up to recently. “He’s been with Phyllis, that’s it!” and slams the phone down. She rests her head in her hand, sighing. Billy stops on his way to his office to ask if she’s OK. Gloria plays it off, “people just give me such a hard time!” Billy tells her to let him know anytime that someone gives her a hard time, showing how caring of a boss he is. Her guilt comes to a high as she stands up on the brink of tears, apologizing for what he is about to walk into.

Phyllis compares the situation with Billy to hers with Summer. They both mess up often, and have the protection of Phyllis to save them. Jack isn’t sure if giving Billy the money will help solve Billy’s long term gambling problems but Phyllis assures him that unlike Summer, Billy has learned from his mistakes. Unconvinced by her words, Jack draws from his own conscious to agree to help to Billy. In tears, Phyllis pulls Jack into a hug just as Billy comes through the door. Billy is displeased by what he walks in to, knowing Phyllis told Jack about his debts. He refuses Jack’s offering, there has to be another option. Jack steps in, “people want their money now. You are lucky to have a woman that will go as far as Phyllis will to help you now don’t take that for granted.” With that said, Billy takes the help. “There’s one thing I require in return” Jack admits.

Ashley presents the idea to vote out Billy to Traci, for the second time. Again, Traci refuses. I will not humiliate my brother my displacing him as C.E.O. “Well,” Ashley leans in, “that’s what’s going to happen if you don’t step in.”

Mattie and Charlie visit Lily. While Charlie plans for Halloween, Mattie is upset at how Charlie and Lily act as though everything is normal when it is not. Lily manages to return the smile to her face reminding her how lucky they are to be healthy, and that they know when she will be out of prison. Mattie agrees to stop protesting Lily’s release and Charlie confesses his skipping habits.The mood shifts back down as Lily learns this new information and about the deal between Devon and Charlie (Devon will visit Lily if Charlie agrees to go to class.)

Jack requires Billy to attend a paid-for rehab program. The two shake on it, no playing games. Jack leaves to prepare the money transfer. Billy and Phyllis to console one another.

Ashley sends a text out, fed up with trying to convince Traci to follow her plan. Traci chases as Ashley storms for the exit.

Billy is unable to deposit the money transfer into the Jabot account “Access to this account has been denied.” Gloria runs in as Phyllis reads out a text stating Ashley has called a board meeting. On the agenda: Billy.

Without an invitation, Victor tells Nikki he can’t go to the wedding even if he wanted to! “Well, I can bring a plus one! Problem solved!” Nikki says joyfully. You only have so many chances to make things right, Victor. And at what better event than a wedding?

Abby, Lauren and Jack file into Billy’s office. Obviously this is an ambush from Ashley. Billy lets everyone know he has accepted Jack’s offer to go to rehab. Now, was that decision made before or after Ashley’s text went out, Lauren jokes. As Ashley and Traci get to the door, Traci turns to Ashley reiterating that she will not be taking Billy’s job. Ashley hopes she will change her mind when she hears what everyone has to say.Traci goes inside but before she can go in, Kyle whips around the corner to ask what is going on. Why bother with the meeting if Traci refuses to help you? Billy interrupts their conversation to urge Ashley to come inside. As everyone settles in, Billy calls upon Ashley to say what she has to say. Ashley calls for a vote, while Billy maintains that he just needs time for his rehab. Kyle jumps in, “It could be months, years.” Traci interjects, “No, we need to give him our love and support.” Lauren questions who will fill in during that time. Ashley makes it known that Billy is not only a gambler, but a thief. Jack is flabbergasted by the news that the money came from Jabot and Traci is left speechless.

Nikki pays her tab, slowly slapping down bills on the bar, looking back at Victor who remains seated at the table. After the fourth bill, he jumps up from his seat. “Fine, I’ll go! Only for my grand kids.”