Wednesday, September 26th

Refusing to listen to Nikki and Vikki, Sharon WILL tell Nick the truth – tonight. Across the rooftop, Nick’s equally insistent in telling Phyllis that he’s fessing up to Sharon. ‘This can’t be happening’, Vikki and Nikki nervously watch Nick and Sharon meet up. Suddenly, loud sirens and lights go off. With a kiss, Sharon goes to look for Mariah. Nick and Phyllis are in the process of dragging Summer away to safety when Tessa announces that it’s a false alarm – party on. Updating Phyllis that he didn’t tell Sharon, Nick correctly guesses that she pulled the alarm.

As Tessa and Mariah tease Kyle about chasing Summer, Summer appears to hear that he’s got a date tonight. Where’s our bachelorette? Mariah wonders.

Nikki and Vikki hit the emergency stop button on the club’s elevator – Sharon is the emergency who needs to be stopped NOW.

Nick doesn’t want to go into marriage with a secret. Everyone has secrets, Phyllis shrugs it off. Don’t blow up both our lives – is this guilt? It was all ME, Phyllis worries Nick’s confession will push Sharon over the edge. And what about Billy? And Summer? And Faith – and Christian? Let this go – I’m begging you, she concludes.

Summer doesn’t care whether Kyle’s dating anyone – but look at the chemistry between my parents. Looking over at Phyllis and Nick, Kyle doesn’t think that comment creepy – at all (he does) They aren’t talking about nothing, Summer’s sure.

Phyllis doesn’t think others should suffer because of their one slip up. Nick admits she makes sense – he’ll keep the past in the past and is just tired of everyone waiting for things to fall apart between him and Sharon. He got the feeling Sharon had something to tell him too. Wedding jitters, Phyllis is sure.

Trapped in the elevator, Sharon’s warned that it’s like the prison cells they could all end up in. It’s not like you haven’t lied to Nick before, Nikki reminds. Yes, and lies tore us apart, Sharon’s insistent. Nikki would rather see Nick married to Sharon forever than to see the Mother of his kids go to prison.