Thursday, September 27th

Gloria leaps into action – Woah, woah, woah! Sorry, Lauren. Meeting’s cancelled, nobody is allowed inside Billy’s office right now, Inside, Billy sits in despair. Despite her anger, Phyllis is desperate to help Billy find a solution on how to make back the money he gambled.

Traci scurries out the door, but not without saying goodbye to Ashley. “There’s something I have to do that just can’t wait.” As Traci leaves, Kyle enters making a remark about the headache Traci will have when she learns of Billy’s embezzling. Kyle presses Ashley, is there a benefit to you keeping Billy’s secret to yourself?

I hope you don’t feel like you have to hold back with me, Lily. Traci is eager to listen to Lily’s prison experience thus far. She shares that while the living conditions aren’t as terrible as expected, she has been plagued with unlimited time to think about what she did to Hilary. They talk about Devon, Cane, the kids and Traci’s abrupt conclusion of her book tour. Traci is vague, but tells Lily she came home to offer a solution to a problem, to which she failed.

Back at the Abbott house, Kyle wants to know Ashley’s plan. He thinks he already knows what she’s thinking. Kyle thinks, “let’s wait for Billy to step down so you can swoop in to save the day.” Ashley tries to play nice, “Billy is your uncle, Kyle.” however Kyle is more interested in protecting Jabot., more so than the man stealing for his family’s company. Kyle attempts to convince Ashley keeping the embezzlement a secret is hurting Billy more than it is helping.

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Phyllis brainstorms ideas – investments, their combined savings, non-liquid assets – maybe this can cover half of what you owe. Billy is against Phyllis donating her own money, “that’s not happening.” Billy cannot stand to hear Phyllis’ pleas “I’m your partner. I love you.” Stepping outside his office, Billy is met by Lauren and Gloria, who continue to bicker. “Could you just let him know I’m here!” Billy apologizes, “could we use your office for our meeting?” Jack approaches the office and Phyllis. Billy hasn’t been returning my calls, is there something I can do to help? Phyllis replies, “there may be one thing.”

I can’t go to the wedding, Nikki! I’ll cause too much trouble. Abby pulls up a chair to join Victor and Nikki’s table as Nikki’s reinforcement. Abby explains how hard it would be for Nick to have to justify to his kids why their grandfather wasn’t in attendance at his wedding.

Traci seeks advice from Lily. How did you deal with Neil’s alcoholism? Prayers, love through tough times, tough love, but what do I know? Look at where I am, Lily jokes. Traci stands firm in her decision to turn to Lily for help.Through their conversation, Traci is reminded of the importance of being apart of a family that sticks together through thick and thin, like Devon and Lily.