Tuesday, October 2nd

At the Abbott mansion, a tux-clad Nick tells Jack that Sharon deserves ‘perfect’ and that’s what she’ll get.

Sharon’s at home in a white satin robe. Absorbing the bombshell Mariah just dropped, she won’t fall apart – she just needs to figure out what comes next.

Billy and Phyllis assure Jack that they’ll attend the wedding – then Billy will go to rehab. He appreciates Jack paying his debt but is pissed at Ashley. Nick appears knowing he interrupted something.

Mariah thought Summer was just causing trouble but Kyle confirmed it (Nick slept with Phyllis the day Sharon took off her ring) He didn’t come home that night, Sharon recalls. Mariah doesn’t think anyone else knows and no, she hasn’t mentioned it to Nick. You deserve to know. A grateful Sharon reassures Mariah with a hug – YOU are not the one who ‘hurt me’.

At the club, Abby’s on the phone – it’s not public knowledge but I thought you should know. She explains to Arturo that she just updated Vikki on what happened with Billy at Jabot. Now, on to more pleasant things ~kiss~

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Phyllis tells Nick that Billy is her +1. No punches, Billy promises – he wants to wish Sharon the best (she’s ‘special’ – treat her well) After Billy goes upstairs to get ready and Jack goes to check on Dina, Nick and Phyllis are left to chat. He doesn’t like keeping this secret from Sharon but will spend the rest of his life making it up to her. Phyllis worries that someone else might spill the beans – our fates may lie in the hands of others.

One night out of our bed and Nick runs to Phyllis, his weakness, Sharon’s in tears. She put her doubts aside to trust Nick again. Maybe he didn’t tell you because he’s protecting you, Mariah won’t defend Nick but got the impression it was a one-time thing. He loves you and is probably afraid he’ll lose you. Do I let Nick go or accept this mistake and trust that he loves me and no one else? Sharon’s conflicted.

At the club’s bar, Abby posts on her social media. Yes, she’s happy for Nick and Sharon (whose capacity to forgive she admires) She’s excited about the wedding but don’t worry – Abby doesn’t want to get married herself. Arturo believes in romance and love (if not marriage) and is very happy to be with Abby.

Nick has to trust that Summer will keep her mouth shut – and surely Kyle doesn’t want to make any new enemies. He’s been a real jerk with regards to Billy, Phyllis gripes. She wishes Nick all the happiness in the world ~hug~