Monday, October 1st

Nervous as the board members hand in their votes, Billy speaks out before they’re read. There are only two people eligible to be Jabot’s CEO (and he assumes Traci’s not interested) Correcting that assumption, Traci stands to announce that she’s willing to take the job.

When Sharon comes home with Faith. Nick hands over a wrapped gift from Neil. Thinking they shouldn’t open it before the wedding, Faith’s sent upstairs so that her parents can reassure themselves that it’s real this time ~hug~

On the CL’s patio, Summer asks Mariah if she told Sharon that Nick cheated with Phyllis. No? Summer an tell this secret is burning a hole right through Mariah.

Arturo’s not happy to find Lola and Rey carrying boxes through the coffee shop and even less happy to hear that Rey’s renting the room upstairs. That sounds kinda….. permanent.

Sharon gives Nick his cufflinks and a kiss. He can’t wait to be her husband again. We belong together, she declares with another kiss.

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Back on the patio, Mariah doesn’t want to be the one to ruin Sharon and Nick’s wedding (though she’s sure Summer would like her to) Have you no sympathy? Summer denies that her emotions are ‘shut down’ and suggests Mariah make a move soon. The wedding’s today, she reminds.

Faith brings Christian downstairs then goes back upstairs with Sharon to make themselves glamorous.

Traci had no idea Billy’s addiction lead him to steal from Jabot. He’s agreed to go to rehab, Phyllis chimes in. Yes, and Traci wants Billy to focus on his recovery and not worry about whether Ashley’s orchestrating things. Billy rants about Ashley sabotaging him (which Phyllis agrees with) He tried to put the money back but Ashley froze the accounts. Kyle smirks as Billy denies he’d sell out his family for a job (as Ashley’s done) Without casting a vote, Phyllis gives a verbal ‘no’ as she follows Billy out of the office.

Rey’s surprised to come back in to find Arturo waiting to talk to him. Does signing a lease mean you’re staying on at the GCPD? Arturo wonders if Rey’s giving up his place in Miami, and Mia. It’s up in the air, Rey’s vague – he could really use some help unpacking his car. Arturo then gripes to Lola (who chides him into helping carry boxes by teasing that he’s out of shape)