Thursday, October 4th

Her secret revealed by the furious bride, Phyllis’ escape is prevented by Billy – why go? This clearly is NOT ‘private’. Tell everyone it’s not true, he challenges. Sharon assures him and everyone else at the wedding that it is true.

When did it happen? Billy asks. When we ‘broke up’? That was only two days. Sharon one-ups him; Nick cheated on day one of their ‘break up’. Billy thanks Sharon (for saving him from marrying Phyllis) When Nick grabs Sharon’s hand, she slaps him across the face hard enough to make Nikki gasp for air.

Nice swing Sharon, and now Billy wants to go next. When Jack steps in, Billy demands answers from Nick (and Phyllis) We all want to hear what went on. Sharon would like an answer too. As Billy lunges at Nick, all step in. When the Minster tells them to leave, almost everyone files out – leaving Victor and Nikki to share a look.

Accepting Vikki and her parents’ apology, the Minister leaves the Newmans to discuss the non-wedding (and whether it was Sharon’s or Nick’s fault)

At CL’s, Abby disagrees that Nick’s cursed – he (and Phyllis made this happen) also doesn’t blame Sharon for flipping out. Why do guys do stuff like this? Arturo can’t answer that but asks Abby not to be too hard on Nick – we all make mistakes. Abby gets that but some mistakes you can’t take back.

Mariah and Noah stand by as Sharon orders Nick out of her house. Noah’s disappointed by his Dad’s actions but seems more upset with the way Sharon handled it. He and Mariah then reluctantly leave Sharon and Nick to talk.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack’s about to try calm Billy down when reminded how it felt to learn that Phyllis was cheating on him. Instead, he goes up to bed without a further word – leaving Billy to blast Phyllis some more (he seems more angry about the lying than the cheating) Get out of my house – get out of my life, he snarls with utter disgust.

Billy brings Phyllis her packed suitcase and suggests she stay with Nick tonight. She can’t defend what she did but will fight for Billy (who opens the door and throws her suitcase outside) The door slammed behind her, Phyllis looks devastated.

Nikki and Vikki are still in the church. Nikki reassures that Sharon and Phyllis will keep their secret. As for Sharon forgiving Nick, she doesn’t seem hopeful.