Friday, October 5th

Sharon’s taken off her ring and is sorting through wedding gifts to be returned when Mariah comes down to hear that Faith insisted on going to school. She didn’t really expect the wedding to happen anyway. Sharon won’t let Mariah cancel her week-long/out of town shoot due to Nick’s selfish actions. Stick to your commitment and don’t feel guilty about telling me. It was the right thing to do.

At Jabot, Ashley’s on the phone with Gloria (who’s home sick) as she searches her desk for a list of temp. agency replacements. Feel better ~click~ In Billy’s office, Ashley tells Traci and Lauren that Phyllis had the nerve to show up to work – do we involve her in this or not?

Abby gets an update from Jack at Dark Horse; Billy kicked Phyllis out. Nick’s not returning calls. I doubt he’ll be here today, Abby tells Tessa – as Nick surprises them all by walking in. Sure, his wedding imploded but he’s still determined to marry Sharon.

Ashley doesn’t trust Phyllis enough to involve her. Lauren thinks her BFF deserves a chance to redeem herself. Tiebreaker Traci avoids making a decision – her only concern is Billy. Did he go to rehab or is he off gambling on even higher stakes?

Billy? Summer awakens to find that she’s alone in bed.

Nick hands Tessa the paperwork she’s looking for then invites Jack and Abby to tell him what an idiot he is. They know they’re in no position to judge but don’t accept Nick’s excuse is that he let his emotions override his brain. Abby scoffs at the euphemism and after Jack leaves asks Nick about the kids. Vikki arrives as Nick complains about rattling around in the new house all alone (except for Christian) She finds it ironic that Nick is living exactly what he always warned would happen to Dad.

Summer sends Billy a text – where are you? Last night was so amazing she wants to repeat it tonight.

Phyllis puts a folder on Gloria’s desk then sends Billy a text – she loves him and still plans to support him through rehab, as promised. Summer calls her Mom to ask how she’s holding up (but really to fish for info on where Billy is)