Friday, October 26th

Hanging up with the caseworker, Sharon updates Devon that there’s no spots in a halfway house, and Lily’s not eligible for house arrest – sorry. Some inmates families can’t afford to visit (so basically, use the resources you’re lucky to have)

Cane and Mattie are researching the facility Lily’s being moved to. Both kids are surprised when Cane leads them in writing a letter to Lily. All are soon laughing over funny stories they’ll be sharing.

Traci gives her sister a weepy goodbye – this is a mistake. Ashley then sits Dina down for an emotional goodbye – we have more in common than I thought. I have nothing to say to you, she snarls at Jack before marching out.

What was I thinking? Traci should have known she couldn’t have forced the family together with will and sheer optimism. Abby appreciates the effort – don’t blame yourself. Traci won’t dwell on herself (with her Mom moving to a new continent) Your Mom did the same to you, Abby points out. And yes, Traci was right to force the truth out.

In the CEO’s office, Kyle and Billy bicker about business (then Billy sleeping with Summer) He only wanted to hurt Phyllis and doesn’t care that Lola’s giving Kyle the cold shoulder) We have work to do; Billy also doesn’t want to hear about poor Jack having to live up to the myth of his Father.

At the club, Ashley’s on the phone with Neil. In tears, she asks him to visit her in Paris sometime. Jack bursts in – you may not have anything to say to me but I have a lot to say to you.

Devon stops by the house with good news (Lily’s transfer went smoothly) The bad news; Sharon wasn’t able to help. Cane’s depressed that he and the kids won’t be able to visit Lily as often. Devon’s promise to help with the kids is rewarded with a hug.

Jack owns starting this war – he hates what he did and said to Ashley. But taking the patents will hurt Jabot’s employees, plus Abby and Billy’s kids. Hear me out, he implores and asks for forgiveness. HE used the Abbott clause because he wasn’t sure he could compete with Ashley (who gives him a weepy hug) After a poignant flashback, Ashley’s sorry but she’s not changing her mind and has a plane to catch.

Got a sec? Rey asks Sharon why she’s so uncomfortable around him lately. She apologizes for overreacting but worries how things look to other people (yes, Nick and their coworkers here at the station) Let’s get started, Sharon marches off with purpose.

Jack’s wandering around the house – flashing back to assuring Ashley that he’ll always be fair to her. From the plane, drink in hand, Ashley looks down at the city she’s leaving behind. Jack looks all alone at the house.