Friday, October 26th

At CLs, Rey and Sharon joke about his new mattress. She grows uncomfortable when he suggests driving into work together, to save gas – it’s not a good idea because she might want to leave early.

Ashley decides to leave the family meeting. She can tell that she’s not respected for the leader and innovator she is. You all just want to manipulate me. She’s leaving GC and taking her patents with her. Billy, Jack and Kyle try to talk her out of it.

Ashley shares her plan to start a new cosmetics company with all rebranded products (that can no longer be purchased at Jabot) The new company will be called My Beauty (her Daddy’s nickname for her) She’s upset that the entire family won’t reinstate her as CEO; and have chosen Jack, as usual.

Now home, the twins aren’t hungry. What’s going on with Mom? Cane will let them know as soon as he hears from Mike.

** OK. SO I broke my wrist yesterday and spent last night in emerg. Because it was impacted, I had to have it reset (for which I was thankfully put out for) Of course it’s my right arm that’s in a cast so I’m having to type one key at a time. I’ll try to get yesterday’s show watched and recapped now.

Jack understands why the family turns to him for leadership; it’s a role he took on at age 15. How many times have you left GC? I was HERE. They argue bitterly over John’s legacy. IF that was so important you’d give my Mom what she wants, Abby jumps in. Flashback to Ashley refusing to obey Jack; she’ll put the pool toys away when her Dad tells her too. It’s the boys vs the girls when Traci takes her side. No need – Ashley’s booked a flight to Paris.

Ashley’s going to start her new company where Dina built her empire. Yes, she’s OK with not seeing Dina again – we made peace; she doesn’t know who I am. Come with me, she invites Abby (who can’t uproot her life) While Billy’s not sure he can forgive Ashley, Kyle grudgingly admires her power move.

Now at the station, Sharon’s in the middle of ‘setting boundaries’ with Rey when Devon whisks her away for a private chat. Informing that Lily’s being moved (and why) he wants Sharon to do her victim advocate thing and find a solution. Sharon will call Lily’s caseworker. Watching with interest, Rey jots down notes – why is Sharon so anxious? Hmmmmm.