Monday, October 29th

Seated at the head of the table for family breakfast, Jack asks all to put their phones away in favour of conversation. We all miss you Mother, he reassures Abby. He needs the family on the same page.

At Jabot, Summer’s thrilled to see her Mom’s a redhead again. What happens now that Ashley’s taken her patents to Paris? Where some see crisis, Phyllis sees opportunity – stay tuned.

Abby wishes she’d supported her mother more. Jack blames himself and the blood-Abbott clause. All agree to put their differences aside for the sake of Jabot. ‘Team Abbott’ clink coffee mugs and OJ glasses as they toast to day one of a new era.

Tessa serves Mariah her first creation as a barista. Oh, it’s a heart, Mariah can teach Tessa about timing ~kiss~ As she raves about Halloween, Nick arrives with Christian and a subdued Faith (who’s miserable without her Mom)

At the station, Rey watches Sharon end a call then praises her on doing a great job. And there’s nothing else she could do to help Devon and Lily. Appreciating the pep talk, Sharon impulsively invites Rey to a Halloween party.

Kids are… what’s the word Faith’s looking for? Resilient? No, collateral damage. Mom talks a lot about her new job and the one nice detective who helps her out. After Nick takes the kids to the pumpkin patch, Mariah hurries out to give him the coffee he forgot. Lola chats with Tessa until Kyle arrives for a lecture on honesty and Summer. Let me show you what ‘moving on’ actually looks like (she exits to the patio)

Rey’s free but wasn’t Sharon worried about appearances? Oh, it’s just a party at CL’S, Sharon thinks it a great place for newcomer Rey to meet people. She’s left to look overly perturbed when Rey gets a text from Lola and bolts.

Sharon’s happy when Nick brings the kids by the station. Hearing that Rey went to Lola’s, Sharon’s invited to join them at the pumpkin patch. No, Nick doesn’t mind her inviting Mariah – the more the merrier.