Wednesday, November 14th

Billy’s wowed when he comes to pick up Sharon; the perfect escort for the evening. Sharon’s only goal tonight is to prove how well she’s moving on (not to make trouble)

Watching time-stamped footage taken in Vikki’s garage, Tessa explains what Mariah’s looking at. While you were passed out, the other ladies rolled JT up in that rug and loaded him into the trunk – then buried his body at Chancellor Park. Mariah’s understandably shocked.

At the Abbott home, Jack and Traci are ready to head to the party. Billy’s bringing a date? Jack wonders who. Traci has no idea.

Nick joins Phyllis in her office – who cares is Billy’s rooting for you to fail? By tomorrow everyone will know where to find their local Jabotique. And s making our debut as GC’s newest power couple should turn some heads.

** Sorry – no time for spellcheck etc but at least it’s on time!!

At the club, Chef Lola rallies her staff. It’s only finger foods and appetizers but I want everyone to walk out of here feeling like they’ve had a 4-course meal. Let’s kill it. Kyle enters to applaud. Giving him a quick kiss, Lola’s far too busy for chit chat.

Mia shows off her dress and tells Rey there’s a suit in the bedroom for him to put on. Do you really want your shy wife mingling with GC’s elite all by herself? Mia’s about to head out when Rey changes his mind.

Ignoring a call, Nick mentions that JT’s case is now a murder. But never mind that, he and Phyllis look forward to making this evening a night to remember.

Billy looks forward to Phyllis’ reaction – but Sharon’s great company, not a prop. Mariah won’t be there to slip in any zingers (she and Tessa have an issue to resolve)