Tuesday, November 13th

Mia’s made Rey’s hangover remedy. She was distracted by that woman; Cheryl, Sherry. Oh, that’s right – Sharon, Mia fips the blender on.

No, Mariah didn’t sleep well last night and if that’s Tessa, tell her to leave. Sharon lets Kyle in on her way out. Tessa can’t be honest with me – it’s over. Kyle was able to step it up with Lola – or you can stay in your pj’s and give up on love.

At the courthouse, Mike coaches Vikki – you’ll be back at work before you know it.

Rey extricates himself and heads out for work.

At Jabot, Billy’s made final preparations for the launch. Kyle advises patience – remember our pact; Phyllis is just a flash in the pan.

Mariah’s at the penthouse to tell Devon that Tessa’s a good person – but complicated. Like Hilary – who Devon loved unconditionally.

Sharon’s surprised to see Mike and Vikki waiting for Rey at the station. He arrives late due to a situation at home. Without a word to Sharon, Rey leads Mike and Vikki into a visiting room.

At CL’s, Mia chats with Abby – then recognizes her as the Naked Heiress. I follow you. Here Mia thought GC was a sleepy town. Take a selfie? Abby reluctantly agrees. You made my day Mia gushes (then steps away to take a call) When Arturo comes in Abby points out her new friend. Mia – Rosales. She’s Rey’s wife, Arturo glares as Abby gives Mia a hug.

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Back at the penthouse, Devon has no problem with Mariah mentioning Hilary. No one understood why we couldn’t stay apart. We belonged together. He then talks about some people growing up with anger, lies and fear (not good tools for life) Give Tessa some space. Devon wasted so much time trying to change Hilary. Love Tessa without trying to change her – love her for who she is.

Mia will make time for Abby if she ever needs her. Arturo points out that she might not be here long. When Abby comments that the case is ongoing, Mia sees that as a sign she’ll be around for a long time. Arturo doesn’t look thrilled.

At the station, Sharon gets a call from Mariah – can you get someone to cover Tessa’s shift; I need to talk to her.

In the visiting room, Mike’s getting impatient. Vikki explains that Mac and Abby told her the watch was found at the park. But how did you know it wasn’t found on JTs body? Rey wonders. I didn’t know, how could I? That’s Rey’s question too.

You didn’t ask about JT’s body, you asked if we found JT’s DNA, Rey points out. Vikki assumed the crew didn’t find JT’s body when digging up the park. After Rey leaves, Mike asks Vikki if there’s anything he should know. No, I haven’t done anything wrong, Vikki swears.