Friday, November 16th

At home, Sharon has so much going on that she doesn’t have time to talk to Mariah. No! Now! Mariah stops Sharon dead in her tracks before she hits the door.

Abby brings photos of last night’s party for Nick to pick from for the press release. Referring to the Rosales scene, Nick seems about to offer to fire Arturo but Abby says that’s not necessary and changes the subject to him and Phyllis being GC’s new power couple. Isn’t it a bit soon after Sharon? There is no Sharon and me, Nick snaps. Now alone, he looks at a photo of him and Phyllis – but fantasizes that it’s Sharon in his arms.

Morning beautiful, Arturo’s alarmed when Abby jumps away from him. I left Florida to get away from Mia, he points out. And now she’s here – don’t pretend that doesn’t change anything, Abby scowls.

Nick sends Phyllis a text asking how she feels about the great launch party – but what he really wants to know (but doesn’t mention) – will Phyllis move in with him?

In her office, Phyllis reads Nick’s text but puts her phone away when Jack comes in to congratulate her. The night was full of surprises (he’s thinking of poor Abby – but obviously Phyllis has another surprise on her mind – anything I should know about?)

How do I even? Mariah sits – no, it won’t be alright, she corrects Sharon. I know what you, Vikki, Phyllis and Nikki did to JT that night. What night?! Vikki’s party?! Sharon feigns innocence – what are you imagining?? I. KNOW – the four of you rolled JT’s body in a rug and buried him under that hideous sculpture at the park. That’s what these ‘charity’ meetings have been about. No more lies – what happened? Mariah asks in tears.

Jack’s impressed that Phyllis gave Billy credit last night. Yes, he might be interested in Kerry but doesn’t want things to be awkward. As for Nick and Phyllis, Jack doesn’t see the harm. Assuming it’s not serious, he’s is shocked that Nick’s asked her to move in.