Monday, November 19th

Having spent the night at GC Buzz, Mariah stops by CL’s before going home to Tessa. What will she say? Exactly what she and Sharon rehearsed. Vikki then calls for an updated and hears that Mariah’s on her way to see Tessa now – she won’t let us down. Rey appears in the doorway.

Packing up for the 4-hour drive to see Lily, the Ashby’s think it good that Neil’s staying up there. When Cane goes to tend to Sam, Mattie and Charlie are emotional about spending Thanksgiving at the prison.

Sharon greets her best customer but can tell Rey doesn’t want to talk to her (because of Mia?) Rey then lets it slip that they aren’t sharing a bed.

Now seated with Sharon, Rey defends Mia; she speaks out from fear and insecurity. Sharon can understand that (given the spectacle she made at her non-wedding to Nick) She also understands Rey abruptly needing to get to work – wouldn’t want Mia to find them chatting and get the wrong idea.

Mariah’s at Tessa’s – yes, she talked to her Mom and the other three but only knows that JT’s death was an accident/ self-defense. No, Mariah didn’t tell them that Tessa’s the blackmailer. They’re protecting each other – why can’t I protect the person I love? I don’t deserve you, Tessa hugs Mariah (who’s face is blank)

Mariah claims that she told Sharon that she got an anonymous email at GC Buzz. Why should Tessa be in trouble while the other four killed and buried JT like he was roadkill? Tessa knows she was wrong but was weak and just looking for a way to pay off her debt and keep Crystal (and Mariah) safe. We’ll keep Sharon’s secret. Sorry, but Mariah needs more than Tessa’s word.

Sharon arrives at the station to hear Rey on the phone. He’s sure Vikki knows more about JT’s murder (though has nothing beyond body language etc.) Rey tells Sharon that Mike’s complaining that he’s harassing his client. Maybe she’s just HOPING JT’s body wasn’t found at the park. Rey’s not buying it – we know he was buried there at one point and was moved. OMG! That’s terrible – Sharon can’t believe it – why would someone move a body so well hidden? You tell me, Rey then stops her from running off to victim-services.

Cane leaves a message for Devon (assuming he’s on his way over to drive up to Lakeview with them) Charlie’s downloaded some stuff for Sam to watch en route – yes, kid-friendly this time. Hopefully, Uncle Devon gets here soon.

Tessa gave into temptation, she’s not a blackmailer. Then get rid of the money, Mariah agrees that donating it to charity is a good idea. She won’t move back in until the money’s all gone. Tessa will do anything. OK – delete the footage. Much to Mariah’s surprise, Tessa hands over the flashdrive – I never want to see it again.

Back at the station, Rey apologizes for cutting her off at CL’s – it was for Mia’s sake. She’s not responsible for the problems in their marriage. She was Arturo’s girlfriend first but he wouldn’t marry her. Rey knew she wasn’t completely over Arturo but loved her so much that he ignored it. When he feared they were reconnecting, he became a great detective – and a ‘crap’ husband. I turned away before she did. Rey feels he must try to fix things with Mia. Sharon realizes all she needs to – you love her.

Devon calls Cane to say that he won’t be able to make the trip due to technical issues with a recording session – he might not be able to make tomorrow either. He’ll spend the holiday with Nate or friends. Tell Lily I’m sorry. Nate then catches Devon at his front door and invites him to get together for Thanksgiving. Devon’s not sure he’ll have time (then looks glum and alone in his penthouse)

Sharon can’t believe Mariah was able to get the flashdrive. Tessa’s giving the money to charity – the only thing Mariah didn’t do is ask Tessa if she moved JT’s body. Sharon believes there must be good in Tessa, or you wouldn’t love her. And Mariah’s to come back to the house to live. Sharon’s off to show her ‘posse’ the flashdrive.

At the apartment, Tessa takes money from the duffel bag and stuffs it into a teddy bear.

At his desk, Rey looks through his evidence; photos of the ladies and the watch. What am I missing? What the hell is it?

At Vikki’s, Sharon and Vikki are astonished by the video they watch – you can clearly see our faces and it’s time-stamped! Imagine if Tessa emailed this to Rey? Vikki’s worried about what their kids would think – Sharon’s worried about what ‘honorable man’ Rey would think. He came so close to cracking this case open.

Hearing what sounds like a party in Devon’s penthouse, Nate knocks on the door and is surprised that it’s exactly what it sounds like. You bailed on family Thanksgiving to party with your co-workers in the middle of the afternoon!? We all agreed we’d help Lily and her family get through this. In the hallway, Devon defends himself – you’ve all been telling me to live my life and now I’m being selfish? Getting back to his guests, Devon slams his door.

Devon lets more guests in and again seeing Nate, invites him inside. No – it’s too early and too loud, Nate will call the cops if Devon doesn’t quiet things down. Ignoring him, Devon welcomes more guests and again slams the door on Nate.

Tessa finishes sewing the money and another flashdrive into the teddy bear, which she’s about to tape into a box when Mariah reappears. Yes, she took care of the flashdrive. Tessa will donate the money tomorrow and never tell anyone. In that case, Mariah will move back in tomorrow. You won’t regret this. I love you. See you tomorrow. Now alone, Tessa tapes up the box.

Still at the station, Rey sends Sharon a text. Thanks for listening and being a good friend. Vikki’s brought out a cutting board and hammer to destroy the flashdrive. We’re in control again. Sharon’s not so sure Tessa didn’t make a copy. Vikki remains confident.