Thursday, November 22nd

Who is she John and why is she here? Dina barks (but is easily won over with praise and politeness) When Jack leads Dina out, Kyle’s impressed (and a bit jealous) with how well Kerry related to Dina. In the dining room, drinks are poured and all debate whether Ashley will come.

Rey comes home to Mia’s nagging and Lola’s cooking. Lola greets Abby with a huge hug. Rey and Arturo both grabbing a much-needed beer, Mia immediately annoys Abby by telling her not to be ‘insecure’ – come help me set the table.

Abby’s enjoying dinner and stories about Arturo and Rey as kids. When the topic of Dark Horse comes up, Rey’s not happy to hear that Mia paid Arturo a visit there. Lola keeps the peace by ordering them to shut up and help her take food downstairs for the homeless Sharon’s invited to CL’s.

Nick assures his Mom and sister that the kids will adjust to Phyllis moving in. She’s done with Billy (like he is with Sharon) When Billy arrives, Nick asks where Sharon is. Don’t mess with her head. We’re just friends, Billy then brings up Phyllis. All are surprised (and not in a good way) to hear that she’s moved in. At least I’m over my ex, Billy implies that Phyllis must be troubled that Nick isn’t.

After Sharon assigns Tessa a task, Mariah frets over how bad she is at faking it with Tessa. Sharon points out that Tessa has changed Mariah for the better (I’ve lied and you stood by me) Mariah always will. When the Rosales group arrives with food and offer to help, Sharon encourages them to interact and ensure no one feels alone today.

The dinner table cleared, Jack vows to always get the family together for Thanksgiving (as John did) on cue, Ashley sends Jack a text which turns his frown upside down – she couldn’t make it (and has attached a press release announcing My Beauty will launch in the spring) Kerry suggests he reply by saying that Jabot will have new products out in the spring too.

Back at CL’s, Mariah assures Abby that she and Arturo will arise above family drama with honesty. As Rey and Sharon exchange a few words, Mia watches. Seeing Abby and Arturo kiss, Tessa comments to Mariah that they obviously made up – and can’t wait until she gets home from her trip. I won’t hurt Mariah, Tessa vows to Sharon (who sends someone an update as soon as Tessa leaves)

Rey’s about to go upstairs to do dishes when Nick arrives to drop Faith off (but lingers to watch Sharon after Faith hugs him goodbye)

After a nice chat, Traci takes Dina up to bed. Kerry can see that Jack’s sister is kind but strong. Yes, now let’s open up some wine; he’d like to get to know the woman who’s taking Ashley on at her own game.

At the club, Kyle’s disappointed that Lola can’t go up to the cabin with him. Another time.

In the apartment, Mia and Rey argue about Sharon – and Arturo being invited to dinner. And why did you go to see him at work? You’ll find any chance to run to him. Give me a reason not to, Mia says (as Rey closes the door)

Vikki off to do some important business, Billy plays cards with the kids. Tessa comes home to find Vikki waiting in her apartment. Sit down – I talk, you listen, Vikki orders.

Happy Thanksgiving USA.