Thursday, November 22nd

The Abbott’s gather in their dining room. Noting a card reserving a place for Kerry, Traci’s updated. Abby’s then surprised to see her mom’s name on a card.

In Rey’s apartment, Mia and Lola butt heads in the kitchen. Mia’s annoyed that Rey has business to attend to before joining them for Thanksgiving dinner.

At Vikki’s, Rey tells her and her Mother that he’s actually there to speak to Victor. Not here? What could possibly keep the patriarch away on this holiday?

Mariah and Tessa will be helping Sharon feed the poor before Mariah has to head off on GC Buzz business.

At Nick’s, Faith assumes that Phyllis is moving in and doesn’t think it a big deal (though doesn’t look pleased either)

Nikki tells Rey that Victor’s still in Singapore on business (not evading justice) He should go spend Thanksgiving with his family and leave the Newman’s to enjoy theirs.

Jack’s the only one who has hopes that Ashley will be there for dinner – and looks smug when the doorbell rings on cue.

Kerry receives a warm welcome from the Abbott family (except Dina – who tells ‘Missy’ to get out)

Ar Mia’s urging, Lola calls Arturo to ask him over for dinner. OK, but Abby’s coming too. She’s disappointed when Kyle texts to say that he needs to be with his Dad today.

Rey gone, Nikki and Vikki gripe about Tessa. Vikki seems to have a plan to throw the detective off the track. Nick’s arrival with the kids interrupts.

Mariah gets a moment to chat with her Mom; Tessa blackmailing her makes her sick. Tessa joins them to gush about how great it is that Sharon feeds the homeless. I have so much to be thankful for (she concludes with ‘forgiveness’) Sharon lists what she’s grateful for. Mariah reluctantly goes next – she’s grateful for love and lattes.

Nick admits that it feels weird that Victor’s not there. Dark Horse will be a REAL family business and he’ll soon host a family gathering in his new home. With Phyllis? Faith comes in to tattle that the press has dubbed them GC’s new power couple.

Aside, Jack apologizes for not warning Kerry about his Mother. Abby’s surprised when Arturo drops by. And he’s surprised that she’s ready to grab her coat and go with him to Rey’s. She can’t wait to see the look on Mia’s face.