Friday, November 23rd

Coming into the kitchen bare-chested, Rey’s pounced on by Mia who explains that she went to see Arturo at work to get a rise of him (so to speak) Now, do you have the passion to save their marriage or what?? Rey is up to the challenge!

At Nick’s, Phyllis doesn’t care that Billy knows they’re now living together; I’m off the clock and all yours.

Vikki knows Tessa is a survivor who always does what’s best for herself. You DO know why I’m here; No more lies. Put the phone away, relax and have a seat.

Sexy sax music and a crackling fire set the scene. Jack pours two glasses of wine then describes its’ bouquet by aroma alone (he sniffed it and somehow managed to detect warm fig bread, plum compote and fresh blackberry preserves – from the south of France no less) Clinking glasses, Kerry’s impressed and glad she accepted Jack’s invitation.

Back at the house, Nick and Phyllis debate whether to play video games or watch a movie. The last time they hung out like this was the night he slept over at Summer’s. Both are ‘thankful’ ~kiss~

This can be over quickly and painlessly, Vikki knows Tessa won’t call the police. And she didn’t break in – the super let her in. YOU’RE guilty of felony blackmail and so much more.

Kissing Mia in bed, Rey wonders why she’s now turning away.

Tessa tells Vikki that she gave the incriminating footage to Mariah. She promised she’d keep me out of this! Vikki suggests Tessa cooperate and relocate. Don’t look it as being run her out of town – it’s an opportunity. Stick around and JT’s case will be solved; the police will charge a shocking new suspect with murder. Who? Tessa doesn’t get it.

Sex out of the way – again – Phyllis is fetching the video games when Nick answers the door. I’ll go grab a shirt and be right back, he puzzles Sharon.