Wednesday, December 12th

Vikki and Nikki assure Reed that Victor didn’t kill his Dad – JT has a lot of enemies.

When Mariah comes home, Tessa loudly awakens from her nightmare (which Mariah blames on Nikki and Vikki terrorizing her) Tessa needs to go out for some air – talking about what happened to me is a bad idea. Sorry, she leaves.

Dressed in black for his waiting gig, Fen’s introduced to Mia at CL’s. Lola hopes Devon will be impressed by her food tonight. Mia hopes she gets an introduction to Devon. She’s booked to do a beauty consultation for one of GC’s elite tonight but won’t reveal who unless it goes well.

At the club, Abby has amazing news – she found an amazing chef from Miami who’ll cook a private dinner for Devon at his place tonight. Who? Abby won’t cloud his opinion – it’s a blind taste test. This chef needs to blow Anna away too, Devon hands Abby his keys so they can start preparing.

Vengeance won’t bring your Dad bad, Vikki says gently. Reed wants the truth and his Dad’s killer to pay. After he leaves the room, Nikki sighs – we aren’t interested in the truth or justice. If Reed ever found out ….

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The twins want to decorate the house for Christmas but with Lily in prison, Cane’s heart isn’t into it – sorry.

At home, Devon and Anna are seated as Fen hands out menus and Abby announces that the chef’s preparing a 4-course Cuban fusion dining experience. Noting Anna’s interest in Fen, Abby goes to get the first course. In the kitchen, Abby tells Lola that she can’t serve the appetizer and introduce herself. Don’t leave the kitchen until the meal’s done – then go take a bow.

Nikki frets – Reed’s off school for weeks; we need to keep him away from Rey (who might try to recruit him as a spy) We need to convince Rey that Victor’s innocent. Nikki’s sure she can pull it off, starting tonight.

Appetizer feedback? Anna loved the ‘raw fish’ (as did Devon) This scrumptious journey is only beginning. Fen takes the dishes back into the kitchen to tell Lola that they enjoyed it (but Anna seems more interested in him) Lola then sends Fen out with pasta.

When Tessa comes back, Mariah’s not sure she can ‘drop it’ – maybe Sharon can help them confront Nikki and Vikki. Tessa admits she didn’t tell the whole truth – Sharon was there too.

Mia welcomes Nikki into her home salon (though she’d have been happy to come to the ranch) Nikki needed a change of scenery – there’s nowhere else she’d rather be tonight.

Reed comes back down to tell his Mom that he’s not mad at her – if she and grandma don’t think Victor did it, he believes them. Vikki appreciates Reed coming to her instead of ranting on social media – you’ve matured. Reed wishes Mattie’s Dad agreed. He made it clear I’m not welcome in his home. Vikki thinks that a shame – she thinks highly of Mattie (and will do some ‘serious meddling’ by calling Cane)Nw

At home, Mattie and Charlie decide to get the ball rolling on celebrating Christmas.

Nikki was impressed with Mia the other night. Mia hopes to impress her even more tonight. Alcohol declined, Mia goes to work on Nikki’s face as she asks how to break into GC society. Perhaps you’ll put in a good word for me? Nikki denies she’s distracted because Mia’s pushy – you’re a doll. I’d love to have a friend like you. She’s just not sure what he should say – because of your husband.

The fig ravioli was as amazing as the shrimp dish, Anna and Devon agree with Abby (who squirms when Fen stats talking about being a musician then sends him for dessert) Following him into the kitchen, Abby scolds Fen for his self-promotion (which makes Lola just as angry – he’s here to serve her food)

Sharon hated what Vikki and Nikki were doing. Mariah can’t believe her Mom let them do this ‘to the woman I love’.

Rey’s questioned my kids and me, Nikki worries that Victor (who’s innocent by the way) will geet Rey fired if he doesn’t back off. Sorry, I shouldn’t be saying all this, Nikki apologizes. Maybe you can make Rey realize he’s wrong. Sometimes only a wife can get through to a stubborn husband. Nikki hopes they can save both their husbands unnecessary ugliness – and Nikki wouldn’t want any awkwardness with her new friend. Mia promises to do her best – your friendship means that much to me. When Mia goes to get some ‘key products’, Nikki quickly pours a shot into her mug and gulps it back.

Vikki’s summoned Cane to CL’s for a chat about their kids. She doesn’t see history repeating itself. He does – and it could be even worse.

Now seated on the patio, Vikki claims that Reed’s a different kid. Cane can’t forget that he hurt Mattie (who’s a lot more emotional with her Mom in prison) They provide each other emotional support, Vikki surprises Cane that the kids have been in touch for a while. I’m out of synch, he sighs and whines about how hard it is to be a single parent. Cane’s struggling with Christmas around the corner. Vikki’s taking each day as it comes – she made a choice to be positive.

Nikki likes Mia’s make up job – you’re a lot like me at your age. Mia thinks that a compliment. We have a lot in common, Nikki confides that she was a stripper. Oh hell no! Mia giggles. Hell yes – and if Nikki can learn to fit in with GC’s elite, so can Mia. Your family and close friends are the most important people of all. Finishing her drink, Nikki runs her hands through her hair and delights Mia with a stack of money. Both look forward to the mutually beneficial relationship.

Both standing to give Abby their review, Devon declares this one of the most exceptional meals he’s ever had. Anna disagrees – it was THE most exceptional meal. Devon’s in on the project; he wants half the profits and to meet the mystery chef – bring him out.

Alright – now presenting tonight’s celebrity chef – Lola Rosales, Abby claps (alone) then explains why she duped them all. Lola’s unknown so she did a blind taste tet to prove her point. Insisting everyone give it up for ‘your girl, visionary, right here’ (me) Fen and Anna applaud Abby. Devon’s not happy he was played; this is going to be hard and Lola hasn’t even accepted the offer. An offer I didn’t even know about, Lola frowns. We want you to be the chef at the restaurant we’re opening, Abby clarifies. Whaddaya say? Devon asks. Yes, Lola agrees as a squealing Abby gives her a bear hug.

The twins have decorated the house when Cane comes home with a Christmas tree and ornaments he picked up from Ester at the estate. Mattie wonders what changed her Dad’s mind. He got Christmas spirit from the last person in town he’d expect.

Tessa defends Sharon (she was nice and tried to help) but Mariah can’t just let it go that her Mom was present while Nikki and Vikki tormented Tessa.

Vikki? Coming through the front door, Nikki makes a beeline for the booze and is about to take a drink when Vikki comes in after her to notice her makeover. Nikki explains that she went to the wife of the cop causing them problems. Mia has goals that require friends in high places. Vikki worries – involving Mia might be a fatal mistake.