Tuesday, December 11th

‘I come in peace’, Cane’s at Devon’s to apologize. Inviting him in briefly, Devon’s got a lot of work to do. Mentioning Neil, Devon assumes that’s why Cane’s checking up on him.

Billy’s at Vikki’s hoping they can both talk to Reed (who comes down and runs out without talking to either of them) After his chat with Reed yesterday, Billy thinks Vikki might have a problem on her hands.

Jack’s waiting for Kerry at the club when Kyle stops by his table. She’s not answering his texts or calls and may have stood me up, Jack concludes. If she’s ghosting you, she’s not as smart as we think, Kyle quips. Getting a text from Lola, he updates Jack that they’re going skating. Happy for Kyle, Jack’s left to leave Kerry yet another message – he’s alone at a table for two and the waiter’s starting to feel sorry for him.

Lola comes into CL’s with black smudges on her face. She’s been trying to fix the food truck but it could be the transmission (which she can’t afford to fix) So, Lola has a business proposition for Sharon.

Devon’s sleeping better and starting to feel like himself. He needs to flip the script and make some big changes. What kind of changes? Cane asks.

Lola wants to do a Viva La Lola pop up at CL’s – maybe on the patio – it won’t cost you a thing and be great for marketing. How long will you be ‘popping up’? Sharon asks. Just for the winter – by then we’ll both have more customers, Lola’s sure. Sharon agrees – when do you want to start, next week? Today.

Charlie’s surprised to find Mattie putting on makeup at the kitchen table. What are you hiding? Why are you so nervous? Charlie answers the door – oh look, Reed Hellstrom’s back in town.

Reed’s focussed on finding his Father’s killer and making him pay, Billy reports. Vikki blames herself. It’s not your fault, Billy encourages. Vikki confides that Rey suspects her Dad – it’s ridiculous. Is it though? Billy thinks Reed should be told (before he hears it elsewhere) No! Vikki forbids Billy from saying anything to her son.

At CL’s, Lauren assures Fen that they’ll support him – but not financially. They’ll forgive his student debt and let him live with them rent-free for a while but Lauren knows that the life of a musician isn’t easy. Or you can go back to plan B. No, Fen doesn’t plan to fail. Lauren has faith in him.