Thursday, February 14th, 2019

‘We’ had no choice? Who is ‘we’? Rey’s frustrated – Sharon’s the last person he’d suspect …. She wanted to talk to him numerous times. Well, now he needs to hear everything.

Billy’s brought enough Chinese take out for an army; all Vikki’s favorites (which she appreciates – especially after she ‘shot him down’) She’s also glad that if the time came Billy would take over if necessary. It won’t be – you aren’t going anywhere – unless you know something I don’t, Billy’s curious.

Nick and Phyllis are now enjoying Valentine’s Day in bed.

At the club, Abby calls Mia desperate – she pities her lack of self-control and grace and only puts up with her for Arturo’s sake – you’re a spoiled brat starved for attention (which you better seek elsewhere) But Abby’s jaw drops when a confident Mia claims that she could have Arturo any time she wants.

Arturo asks the ladies to take a breather. At their table nearby, Tessa and Mariah watch and joke that they’re now drama free – and expressing their love for one another, toast to being the boring ones.

Grow the hell up, Abby snarls at Mia (who tells Arturo to put his lapdog on a leash) When Abby rejects Arturo’s suggestion that they leave, Mia asks if this is really what he wants (a rich little girl bossing him around)

Vikki’s just hungry – she had no real reason to imply that she might not be around. That said, she needs to hear Billy say that he’ll raise the kids. Now time for their picnic, Billy heads up to get the kids but pauses to watch a worried Vikki.

Tell me everything you know, Rey encourages. Sharon talks about facing a monster; doing things you never thought you’d do. JT’s death was an accident – every day since has been a nightmare. No one meant to kill JT – we had to protect Vikki. Who was there? Rey asks. Everyone, Sharon sniffles. Nikki, Phyllis, Vikki – and yes, me. You witnessed JT’s murder and never said a thing? Rey realizes.