Friday, February 15th, 2019

A frantic Kyle pulls an unconscious Lola out of the pool.

Behind one way glass, Rey watches as Phyllis, Vikki and Sharon have their mug shots taken.

Lola – can you hear me, baby? Kyle makes a desperate call to 911. Stay with me, baby! An earring lies on the ground by Lola’s phone.

Mia comes home, hangs up her jacket and is alarmed to realize that she’s missing an earring.

In a suite at the club, Kerry’s enjoying time in bed with Jack much more than the ice skating ~kiss~

Wearing jailhouse blues, Nikki gets a late night visit from Mike – who reports that Vikki has been arrested so he’ll be representing her too. Yes, Victor knows and wanted to break house arrest to come down (which Mike talked him out of) Is there anything you’d like to tell me? Why would they arrest Vikki? Nikki can’t imagine. A frustrated Mike doesn’t believe her.

Rey needs Sharon to repeat what she told him earlier – on the record. She confided in him because she thought he’d protect her and the others. As the investigating officer, Rey had to follow protocol – now, be honest with me. You don’t love me anymore? Sharon’s hurt. Yes – that’s why this is so difficult. Britney Hodges arrives – Sharon was just following protocol too (by calling her lawyer)

A distressed Mia leaves yet another apologetic message for Rey. I’m going a little crazy – please come home.

Arturo joins Kyle at GC memorial full of attitude and questions. Dr Nate reports that Lola’s still unconscious. We’re running tests – I’ll get back to you. Lola will be alright, Kyle insists. She better be, Arturo growls.

Wearing Jack’s shirt, Kerry opens a magazine to show him an ad for her new fragrance. She then flips to an article; 99 questions one should ask in a serious relationship.