Tuesday, February 19th, 2019

OK, so I’ll just let y’all know right now that today’s show doesn’t really qualify as a spoiler as it was entirely comprised history (through vodka coloured glasses) You can safely skip this wall of text and not miss anything important. The flashbacks will be of mild interest to some – but those who (understandably) feel that Nikki’s relationship with Victor borders on emotionally abusive, will, at best, roll their eyes as the episode focusses on the epic love story Victor and Nikki once were. Left out are the numerous incidents of cheating (such as Victor literally wishing Nikki dead) Some (me) might also wonder why Nikki couldn’t be bothered to write individual, personalized letters to each of her grandchildren as opposed to those bulk letters the mailman delivers addressed to ‘dear homeowner’. It’s not like Nikki doesn’t have time on her hands (and Reed, most of all, deserves words tailored to HIM. Nikki did kill his Dad after all) One might also wonder why Casey (a great character/actress) hasn’t been mentioned in years. Lastly, nice to see Kay – and PAUL. I’m still pissed at the way Doug Davidson has been erased. How can Jack’s friendship be saluted while Paul has literally been erased? One more thing. NEIL. I’d never begrudged a show devoted solely to Nikki – but can we not honour KSJ (Neil) accordingly?

Carry on reading if you must….

A friendly guard brings Nikki the items she’s requested to help put her affairs in order. Pulling out paper and a scrapbook from a box, she looks at a photo of herself as a young girl.

To my darling grandchildren, Nikki begins; Noah, Summer, Reed, Faith, Johnny, Katie and Christian – She has so much to share with them as she sits in a cell awaiting her murder trial. This letter is something you can all hold onto (as opposed to all that will be written by people who don’t even know her) This is my life story; the mistakes, sorrows, triumphs and joys.

Nikki begins her memoir; Your great grandmother raised me and my sister Casey as a single Mother. It was a struggle. Casey worked hard to became a doctor. After Mama was killed in a car accident, my Father came back to town (flashback to a young Nikki telling Casey that their father has changed) Alas no, Nick Reed was a drunken excuse of a human being. Years before, he sexually assaulted Casey (who feared he’d do the same to Nikki) He tried – but I didn’t let him (‘I killed Daddy’, a young Nikki cries in Casey’s arms.

Casey worked to support us – I was left to my own devices and met Paul Williams (flashback to him and then Nikki marrying Greg Foster) Too young for marriage, Nikki sabotaged it by looking for adventure (joining the New World cult) Flashback to Nikki telling Paul all about her new family. A ‘commune’? That sounds kinda weird to him. The cult was a lie – Paul joined for a while but quickly moved on. I came into my own in the most unexpected of places; The Bayou (where Nikki loved stripping and in fact, told a disapproving Casey that she was proud of it) In that little strip club, the course of my life changed forever, Nikki writes. Victor and his friend Douglas are seen enjoying the show.

Nikki smiles at a photo in her scrapbook; an early shot of her and Victor, clearly besotted with one another.

Victor is the love of my life, Nikki writes – always have been. But he wasn’t the only man she’s loved. Her full name is Nikki Reed Foster Bancroft Newman Abbott Landers Newman Chow Sharpe Abbott Newman (odd because her full name is Nicole) She and Jack may not have been destined to remain married but she cherishes his unwavering friendship (flashback to one of Jack’s pep talks) He’s someone I can count on and I’m lucky to have him in my life. But Victor is, has always been, the man for Nikki. The undisputed master of grand gestures (flashback to a young Nikki’s astonishment when Victor gifts her with a bracelet; real diamonds!) She then convinces him to give her what she really wants – a kiss. Victor swept Nikki, his ‘diamond in the rough’ off her feet. Flashback to their first wedding (at the Chancellor Estate) Nikki’s face clouds over as she writes about (then flashes back to) unhappy times (her turning to another man – which Victor declares unforgivable) Yet, we share a profound and unbreakable bond, she gushes. Flashback to Victor riding into the stables to propose again (with a new engagement ring of course)