Monday, February 18th, 2019

Arriving at GCM with Arturo, Rey hears what little information Kyle has. Still unconscious, Lola has brain function but a possible liver problem. Waiting and hoping is all we can do at this point.

Nick’s trying (and failing) to see Phylis when Mike marches into the station to update that Nikki’s been interrogated again. Vikki and Sharon have also been arrested. For some reason, the cops think Vikki was there when JT was killed. The cops will keep questioning everyone until someone gives them what they want; a winning case. Mike sat in on Vikki/Nikki’s interviews but has no idea what Sharon’s said; she’s being represented by Britney Hodges. OK, Nick sighs – let’s go back to my place to figure out how to help them.

In an interview room, a smug Chris doubts Phyllis has any information worthy of being cut a deal. You have no idea what I’ve got, Phyllis has ‘fireworks on the 4th of July’ spectacular info – you’re going to want this bad and it’ll cost you plenty.

Chris won’t be bullied or play games. She has three other prisoners to make deals with. Those other women aren’t reliable, Phyllis has actual evidence; what your case is missing. A slam dunk. She knows Cricket doesn’t want to look stupid by losing this in court. Whaddaya say?

On the CL’s patio, Mariah updates Tessa that no charges have been laid but all four women are being held. Tessa’s also worried about her and Mariah; Sharon might keep it to herself but the others might. Tessa wishes she never saw the tape that might result in them being arrested.

OMG! She’s not here! In the empty room, an overdramatic Mia sobs in Rey’s arms as she hears that Lola’s been taken upstairs for tests.

This doesn’t make sense, Mia weeps in Rey’s arms. Unable to watch anymore, Abby leaves Rey to tell Mia that Lola hit her head before she fell in the pool. All we can do is wait. Mia’s so sorry – your little sister…. it doesn’t even seem real. Rey then drops the bomb that the cops believe it was no accident. We’ll talk later; right now Rey just wants to focus on Lola. What if she doesn’t wake up? Mia seems about to confess when Arturo appears. I’ll be here for you, she hugs Rey (but, over his shoulder, locks eyes with his brother)

At Nick’s, Mike doesn’t buy Vikki or her Mom’s stories – he has no idea what Sharon’s testified to her lawyer. Both wonder why Phyllis used her one call on Nick – she must have a plan.

Phyllis slides the pad of paper and pen back across the desk at Chris. I’ll give you gold AFTER the immunity deal. OK, Chris will write up a deal but if there’s so much as an exaggeration it goes in the shredder and Phyllis goes to jail.