Friday, March 1st, 2019

On the patio, Tessa still feels guilty about what she did (and worried it might come up in court) Mariah’s so confident her Mom will be acquitted that she’s planning a vacation – somewhere tropical, or Europe, or camping under the stars. She won’t allow Tessa to worry about going to jail.

Nick assumes Phyllis is at the house to pick up the rest of her things. No, she wants to talk – and to put this all behind us. You KNOW me. Yes, you’re a determined, take-no-prisoners badass, Nick knows. But you didn’t help the others, you made things worse. When Phyllis blames Chris, Nick thinks her delusional.

Mike’s idea? Plead guilty for a reduced sentence. How reduced? The minimum prison time for Nikki and probation/community service for Vikki (who refuses to let her Mother go to prison) You have no choice, Nikki’s onboard. Mike will be back as soon as he can. You’re doing the right thing, he says as he leaves Vikki to quietly wish she could believe that.

Sharon knows that something happened between Rey and Mia (but not what) The phone bill caught his eye – he’s a good cop. Is he? Did he read you your rights before taking your statement? It wasn’t really a statement, I was unburdening myself, Sharon hopes Britney isn’t suggesting … No, Rey wouldn’t do that to me, she’s sure.

Phyllis blames that ‘nasty bug’ for doing a hatchet job on her. She only wanted to help the others, not hurt them – I’m sorry. Nick knows Phyllis was only saving herself – if you wanted to help them you should have stood by them. You’re a soulless woman. Phyllis believes their love strong enough to survive this. Nick thought to so too – until she hurt the people he cares the most about, his Mother and sister. Don’t forget your precious Sharon, Phyllis sneers. Just tell me where to send your things, Nick leaves the room.

Back at the courthouse, Mike assumes that Britney’s on the same page (after Phyllis’ damaging testimony) He suggests they approach Chris together. Brit passes – it’s not in her client’s best interests. She believes Sharon will be acquited. You’re not telling me something, Mike’s suspicious. Britney leaves when Chris arrives to ask Mike what he wants to see her about.

Seated at the club, Kyle’s done a lot of research. He can answer any of Summer’s questions and knows this is a huge deal. Summer would rather clear the air – you’ve been horrible to me lately. Kyle’s sorry – he’s been so worried about Lola. You made me feel like a selfish bitch with no heart, she whines. You got tested – that’s so unselfish, Kyle’s sorry. He knows Summer’s a good person (which means a lot to her)